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Two Guns manifesto

On one fateful day, We descended the old Apache Death Cave, We returned, as if from Hades.

With a band, and a plan, to hold the power of hip-hop in the instrumentalist's hands

But we remain to this day, criminals on the run, Three, Amigos, TWO GUNS.

TWO GUNS is a highly progressive hip-hop/rock power trio. They mix progressive rock and soul with socially conscious hip-hop lyrics that address controversial aspects of modern society.

Two Guns extends the reach of their live shows with comedic satire designed to greater illustrate the message of their music. And we bring the show every time, the satirical skits are a uproarious crowd favorite.

We are outraged by all social injustices, but we retain a positive energy. Two Guns intends to educate, inform, and mobilize their listeners into changing their world for the better.

-Bendajo, Spaceman, and Farmer