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humble pie

we have worked and thought and tried and tried again and some of this has paid off.. that's right.. we were nominated for a Fort Worth Weekly Music Award in the Avant-Garde/Experimental category!! I can only again thank everyone for the support and love...we hope we continue to please (and psyche out) every last one of you :)) PLEASE go vote for us and have your friends do the same! fwweekly.com/the-music-awards-2012 .. special mention goes out to Katsuk, My Wooden Leg, and Pablo and the Hemphill 7. . check them out and give another vote for great music! keep up and stay up! with much love -wWwWw

inertia of forward momentum

I just want to take the time here to thank EVERYbody who has shown ANY level of support for us so far and in the future! I am so excited to hear the positivity in the feedback I am getting. In only 12 days as an official projection of experimentation we have played an amazing show to a group who have said nothing but great things. We have also gone from being ranked number 206 in the Other charts for ReverbNation.com in the DFW area to being ranked number 8 .. having held a top 10 position for almost the entire time we have been signed up with ReverbNation.com. We are so humbled and excited about everything that surrounds us. We really hope you are enjoying what we do. Know that there will definitely be plenty of future opportunities to see Psychedelephant live..as well as plenty of tracks uploaded. We will try to regularly have a new improv/live/experimental track uploaded to our soundcloud.com/psychedelephant page. Again.. feel free to leave a comment and tell your friends if you dig it! Have a great time!