We just finished playing our demo of the song Cyber Punker at Restaurant at the End of the Universe. We had to bail out of that Star System after finding out our Custom Driven Radium 5.8 Jigawatt Sound System destroyed Several Class M Planets that supported several intelligent,non-human life-forms.

See our response below to the Galactic Council of Planets Accusation Taken from the Galactic Times “Galactic Council of Planets are currently looking into this matter and considered the Earth based Band IVAN CANT a nuisance to harmony of the Galaxy”

Willis from IVAN CANT replied in his typical Red-Ass Cajun accent “ Wut? They just bugs we Stuff 'Em. Fry 'Em and put them in a Gumbo back home...hell I consider it a favor you know Poor Boys from near by planet of Foeniculum Vulgare Gotta eat to!”