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today has been a day of floating. I am trying to sell all of my furniture.. some of which i have already sold. i have had very little success so far today... i sold a cork board for two dollars... better than nothing right? it is obviously not the most opportune time to be having a 'moving sale' but i am making the best of the day. I have played some music, read my book, fiddled with this Reverbnation site.. successfully uploading the first of many songs to come for streaming! Currently i am in limbo.. moving out of my apartment.. but crashing on the couch for 1 week before i drift and float around southern CA until the performing arts group i am in tells me my fate.. will i go to Germany to perform 6 nights a week at a dinner theater in an Italian Renaissance style village.. or will i spend part of my Summer in Northern Michigan and return home for some good family time before migrating to the eastern united states. the later.. migrating.. is a definite.. but what will happen in between.. we shall see! oh and there may be a stint to Peru with my girlfriend and her mother somewhere in the mix!! back to 'selling' love seats and bar stools.