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Martyr Lucifer's Shards COMING SOON!

On August the 6th 2013 the German label Outline Rekordz will release, in an elegant digipack format, "Martyr Lucifer's Shards" an album that collects the trilogy of EPs recently produced by Martyr Lucifer. The collection includes 3 different EPs of the artist's unreleased material, which differ in terms of sound and atmosphere, but are united by the melancholy of Martyr Lucifer's dark soul. This work raises points of interest not only from a musical point of view, but also from the occult and symbolic ones - the artist has accustomed us, since his solo debut, to complete works that offer not only sound, but also a complete artwork with puzzles to discover and interpret. And "Shards" is no exception.

The 3 EPs saw the partecipation of members of Hortus Animae, as well as Simone Mularoni and Dario Ciccioni of Empyrios, Antarktica of Darkend and Adrian Erlandsson of Paradise Lost. To whet the listener's attention even more, here is the lyric video for "A Lesson in Murder" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L_PlCMUJxUs, the single that precedes of 2 weeks the release of the album, available in preorder until August the 6th via http://martyrlucifer.bigcartel.com/.

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Martyr Lucifer's Shards soon to be released!

Martyr Lucifer has been recording a trilogy of EPs that shows three different, separated and amplified, sides of his sound, now the process reached its end and finally all the pieces come together. Shard One, Two and Three are set to be released on July the 29th 2013 via Outlinerecordz. The first edition gathers all the Shards in an elegant digipack format, while a vinyl edition with bonus material is scheduled for within the end of the year. The EPs have been recorded at Domination Studio and feature Simone Mularoni and Dario Ciccioni (empYrios), Antarktica (Darkend) and Adrian Erlandsson (At the Gates, Paradise Lost) among others.



Shard One - A Lesson in Murder - The Sunrise in May - The Horseride (radio edit) Shard Two - Another Place, Another Time - House of Sleep - Poison Heart - In Upside Down Woods I Walk Shard Three - Oddities - And Still We Wonder Why - The Morning Star

Stay tuned for updates!

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25/01/2013 The HORTUS ANIMAE Cult is back! You will probably be pleased to know that we decided to reform and we are fully immersed in the work for our comeback album: At the End of Doomsday!

Thanks to the constant affection that you fans have never stopped showing us and the incessant interest from press, labels and media...we are convinced that the time is finally ripe for our comeback with the successor to the monumental "The Blow of Furious Winds", dated 2005.

But...we need your help! To cope with the massive expenses that recording an album requires, we have created a fundraising website where you can donate any amount for us to be able to record the new album and you to receive rewards from the band, you'll find all the details on how to donate and what to get at this link: www.indiegogo.com/hortusanimae.

A heartfelt thank you by HORTUS ANIMAE!

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25/01/2013 The HORTUS ANIMAE Cult is back! Sarete probabilmente lieti di sapere che abbiamo deciso di riformarci e siamo pienamente immersi nel lavoro per il nostro album di ritorno: At the End of Doomsday!

Grazie all’affetto sempre vivo che voi fan non avete mai smesso di dimostrarci ed all’incessante interesse da parte di stampa e media ci siamo convinti che i tempi fossero finalmente maturi per un nostro ritorno in grande stile con il successore del monumentale “The Blow of Furious Winds” del 2005.

Ma abbiamo bisogno del vostro aiuto! Per far fronte alle massicce spese che registrare un disco comporta, abbiamo creato un sito di raccolta fondi dove è possibile donare una cifra affinché noi si possa registrare il nuovo album e voi possiate ricevere delle ricompense dalla band, troverete tutti i dettagli su come donare e cosa ricevere a questo link: www.indiegogo.com/hortusanimae.

Un grazie di cuore da parte degli HORTUS ANIMAE!

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Martyr Lucifer - Debut solo album / Release date

Martyr Lucifer has signed a deal with Buil2Kill Records for the worldwide release of the "Farewell to Graveland" album, that will start hitting the roads on November the 7th, 2011.


Moreover, you can find Martyr Lucifer in the following cyber-locations:

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