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Hello Lovely People! ❤ The Spring is around a corner 🙂 And good news are already there.

Our last song: "Gdy Nie Będę Sobą" (Apana. feat. Gabriel Fleszar), got „laur” in Merkury Radio – the biggest and one of the coolest Radio in our area. Now the song is on the chart list.

If you like the song and want to help, please CLICK THE LINK below and then VOTE by choosing - ZAGŁOSUJ - wich is on the right side from - Apana "Gdy nie będę sobą” player.


(There is no need to sign in or log in or... the only limitation is - one vote per one day from same IP)

We'll really appreciate it if you find our song as a good one! 🙂

Thank You!

GDY NIE BĘDĘ SOBĄ - Apana feat. Gabriel Fleszar

This time in Polish language, this time a vocal duet with special guest, this time Moni P, Kostek Andriejew, Maciej Czarnecki, Łukasz Chojnacki together with Gabriel Fleszar.

Hope you enjoy it my friends!


CAVITY is available now in the world digital distribution

CAVITY is available now in the world digital distribution. Click the link below to download 👇



Heyy Everybody!

I'm happy to say that my band's first single "Cavity" just came out! As always we are waiting for your comments .. we are appreciate them all!!! Don't forget to listen to it on youtube with better quality! :) Enjoy!


CARL SPENCER  (almost 2 years ago)

Great lyrics and sung wonderfully Monika.

Moni P
Moni P  (almost 2 years ago)

Thank you Carl! We are very happy! :)

Let me introduce my boys ...

Hey Everyone! I would like to invite you to Apana page.


This is the band I actually sing with and jointly create an original material. If you enjoy it, please push the Like botton, if not, happy to meet you enyway and always!

Let me introduce my boys..

Konstantin "Kostek" Andriejew - acoustic, electric guitar, vocals;

Łukasz Chojnacki - bass;

Maciej Czarnecki - cajon & percussion, vocals;

Monika Piotrowska-Andriejew - vocals; okey, im not a boy ;)

We have covers material, as in our promo vids, but above all we want to play our own music, wherever it is possible! Stay tuned, we will try to surprise you sometimes :)

Happy New Year to You, starting from fantastic weekend!


Thank you!

Ho Ho Ho! :) I would like to thank you Guys for all the votes you gave on my song in the Polish Radio Merkury pop chart. We climbed from 30th to 20th place within three weeks. That was something! Very nice response. Thank you from all my heart :) There is still possibility to listen to that song from voting .. You will not find it anywhere in this moment beside the link below: "Home is where I am with you" that's the title. http://www.radiomerkury.pl/lista-przebojow/trzecia-dziesiatka/1283/2.html As the holidays are approaching rapidly I have a little surprise for you, Polish Christmas carol. Check out my latest video. Take care! Moni

New Single! :)

Hi There! Our new single "Home is where I am with you" is in the Waiting Room of Polish Radio Merkury pop chart. All who are willing to support us, please give this link a click and give us a vote - just hit the blue button next to my name - Monika Andriejew Piotrowska, it will take just a second THANKS SO SOO MUCH we do appreciate Your support! http://www.radiomerkury.pl/lista-przebojow/na-rozbiegu/1281.html

Here you go, set of backingtracs for modal scales!! Enjoy :-)


and something started....;-)

Hello Guys! How are you doing?

For me it was really busy weekend ... I woke up today after yesterday's rehearsals before the gig ...so even in the noon i had my eyes on matches..;-)

but this is it! :-) to create something with fantastic people ... and then read about it.. it was worth it :-)

some words from Polish Press..

"It started as the idea to create a new face of well-known songs. The Title 'Love Is All You Need', talks about the album ... well, maybe not everything, but certainly a lot. And it's beautiful..."

It's nice..isn't it? :-)

Keep in touch

..wishing you all an amazing week!


'Love Is All You Need'

Hi there!

Great news! 'Love Is All You Need' is one of my new musical projects. Romantic mood and positive energy of pop style you will find in five songs known from Paramore, Frank Sinatra, One Republic, Simply Red and ....Moni P :-)

That's not all! I have a surprise for you, in each of the songs you will hear amazing artists with whom I had the pleasure to sing.

Here is a link to my publisher below. You are welcome to watch and listen to the podcast. You can also order the CD directly from this site. The full English version of this website is under construction, meanwhile the part with 'Love Is All You Need' is already functional.

So please comment and share this link. It's always good to know what you think. Thanks so much to everyone who is still with me :-) I appreciate your support every single day!


Don't miss it!


Moni P