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On the CUSP

I disperse these words like criminals they're stealing your purse, all wack MC's stand up and get in this hurse!


Soon we'll be at the point, if you have money get protection

E'body's sayin

U fuck wit me like T.I. Locked up,not seen like BritneySpears!

This is the real

Sometimes being a happy person has a price on the mind

This is the GAME

So people will play it and win!!! It's power of hand minipulation and sin!

The best in CT

"And not like Sir Mix Alot Part White from the stix I'm not!" Good shit!!!

That's what's up

Craig NIICE "The tragedy of the path you go down will not be NIICE!Girls SCREAM and get those hands up, Like we were the cops!"

tha Dealy

Blog Smog,,,, come and ask me wuts up!?