Debut - Devastation to Deliverance LP

Thanks to our fans internationally for making the debut LP a success, there's more on the way!

2 MORE DAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!


"Devastation to Deliverance"

available June 04/13 on itunes and emusic!

"Die Älone"

Thanks to all of our fans that have made this single such a success abroad, remember to check out LP "Devastation to Deliverance", June 04/13,____ R.C.

Reverbnation samples

All sample songs have been removed from the reverb nation site due to copyright issues. We will be posting more sample material once we are ready.


Tracking for the new album has been completed, once again June 04th is the release date on i-tunes and Pandora and other exclusive sites which we will be announcing closer to the release date, thanks for all the support from our fans, for without you, none of this would have come into being.

New album, new song

The first single to be released off the album "Devastation to Deliverance" will be released mid-May!

Scheduled release........

June 04 . 2013 release for "Devastation to Deliverance".

Album and song release

Album - "Devastation to Deliverance" has been pushed back to the first week of June, however we will be releasing a single in one week. It's very difficult because we feel all of the songs are good enough to release, all the trials and tribulations which make us stronger and better songwriters and artists come through clearly on each track, so stay tuned!

Tracking for "Devastation to Deliverance"

The tracking for the new album set to be released at the end of March has begun. The title will be "Devastation to Deliverance". It will feature 20 years of pain, pleasure, heartache, redemption, depression, life, death, disappointments to deliverance that we as a collective have experienced. I can honestly say this one is a true artistic endeavour and an expression of what we're about , what we've been through, what we continue to go through, and the style of music we will be producing regardless of what anyone thinks. This one will be for our fans!