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That Nasty Harmonica

I wrote this song back around 2001, and it was the second riff that I learned at age 10, we always had fun playing it with friends,, on this song im playing all parts, muti tracking, it was back with I bought my first studio, had no one to jamm with me, but I had this strong passion to play, but as I did songs like this I got better over time, , but its one of my babies, I hope you enjoy it,,,,,,,,

Early In The Morning

Of course everyone loves Eric Clapton,,, I added my Harp playing to his song, I have several of his songs that I have done this to, and a great and super good friend Linda Gantt added the Pics, I hope you will enjoy, and understand in no way at all do I mean any harm or fowl play to Eric's song, Its how I practice playing, there was a time I had no one to jam with, and this was the only way I knew to learn to play

Im A Bluesman

I wrote this song in 2010, and I recorded it At my friend and Band leader Heaths Combs home from the Twin City Buskers, I hope you will enjoy!

Lady Into The Blues Video

I wrote this song for my dear friend on myspace ladyintothe blues, she no longer has a myspace site, but she does have a Facebook page, Freida Gantt, I use a drum machine on this, but its still cool, and I hope you will enjoy it, Freida the video together and did a great job! she really loves her blues!

Rattle Snake Boots

This is a fun song to play, Its short and to the point, one of my old myspace friends,( Mary4music ) inspired the name of the song from reading her Bio, I hope you will enjoy, this song will only be up until we finish the next song that we are working on,,,,,tks!,,,This is only an instrumental, Ive had friends to try to add lryics, but it was all in fun.

Jazz In my Blues

I wrote this song in 2002, way before I started the Dozie Joe Band, I used a drum machine, and real drummers are always the best of course, but at the time ,,no real drummer, and no real drums, I muti track and layer all tracks, its a great way to grow as a musician, I did play all the parts,,I hope you enjoy,,stay Cool,,,Bubba

Late Last Night

Im not trying to pull the wool over anybody, I wrote this song in 2002 or so, but it was named Its A Rush, off of my 2nd cd call Tropical Tease, but it was a instrumental, I thought It needed lyrics and a slight face lift, I hope you will enjoy it!

Lying Cheating Woman

So many times in our lives, people can have have an effect on us in one way or another, it can change our mood, or help us be a better person, or give us creative direction, This song is about my 2nd wife, I could had used more lyrics to describe her, but I think it gets to the point!, I hope you will enjoy it, and its a fun song to jam with, Im playing the harp, and both guitar parts, Fran Berry on Bass, and Randy Byrd on drums. and in no way am I being disrespecting to woman, anyone can fall in this way, males or females, I didnt realize that so many artist write about there loves, good or bad, the songs just come to me, then I put it down on cd,,,,