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Needed Musicians

Hey everyone, we are looking for a drummer and a bassist. We have a few gigs coming in April and June, but would like to get going. Looking for committed indie rockers to help take us forward. Email TheHonestMistakesMusic@yahoo.com to set up a tryout. Thanks! - Seth

Album Release is Finally here!!!!

We are releasing our Album on July 5 at The Prophet Bar in Deep Ellum at 10pm! We are super stoked to finally get this project out. The Album will begin presale for $8 on iTunes June 10, so head over there and order it and get a track immediately called "Young Fools."

I hope some of you in the area can make it out that night! Look for some fun promo stuff coming up in the next few weeks!

One or the Other

Hey everyone who likes us! We are not on a break. We are in the studio relentlessly recording the first seven songs of our LP "This Was Supposed to be the Future." It's going really well, but it seems right now that we either can play shows or record. It's either one or the other, so we are recording mostly. Not to fret though, we are doing a few shows here and there in the meantime. Keep checking back for updates! THM

Name Change

We have decided on a name for the band! We will make the switch and the big reveal at Judah Fest this Saturday!

Album Update

The album is coming along, although we have some new help coming in so we may have to start over. This is totally ok since it is my brother, Taylor, from Quiet Company coming to basically produce the album for us! Couldn't be more stoked. More info coming soon!