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Big Month of May

We have so much going on this month, as we prepare for our big ol' CD release party on Friday, May 23rd at Castaways. If you have played at Castaways, you'll know why we're excited. It's a great stage, and a very friendly house for audience and artist alike. The floor is bright and spacious, and there's even a deck overlooking the inlet. We're lucky to be able to have our Team El Camino AIDS Ride for Life benefit concert there in July as well. The last time we played at Castaways during a happy hour, we were thrilled by the turnout and the reception. Never before have I felt so strongly the direct correlation between audience response and my performance.

Ask any band who has played there, and you're bound to talk about that big insulated pipe above the stage. It's kind of a workspace hazard, especially if you flail about like I do! I have come close to cracking my skull a few times, since inevitably I stand right below the pipe, but I've managed to avoid significant damage. I wonder if anyone would notice if I wore a bike helmet on stage...

In addition to the release party, we're playing on Dan Cole's Tuesdays with the Band on Tuesday, May 6th at 6:15 pm, we play our favorite T-Burg pub The Pourhouse on Sat., May 10th, and we're at a benefit at the Cayuga Nature Center on Friday, May 16th. We're working out some new material, and Emelie will be singing more songs, which always makes Chuck and I happy. She has such a tremendous voice and stage presence, and I get to pretend to be a drummer for a few songs!

The new CD is in Ithaca area stores now

350 Horses, the new El Caminos CD, is now available in the Ithaca area, and will be available for download via iTunes US, Canada, and Europe as well as Amazon in mid-May.

The Ithaca retail locations are as follows:

Ithaca Guitar Works 215 N Cayuga St (Dewitt Building, next to Moosewood) Ithaca

Ludgate Farms Gourmet Country Market 1552 Hanshaw Rd Ithaca

No Radio Records 312 East Seneca Street, Ithaca

Small World Music 614 W State St Ithaca

SoundWorks 225 S Fulton St Ithaca

Salmon Pottery 79 East Main Street Trumansburg, NY

Volume Records 148 E State St (The Commons) Ithaca

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