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"Itd Be Rude Not To": Released

9th March 2013 saw the release of the debut album, which you too can own simply by going to our website: www.thefeckers.net

digital releases for "Itd Be Rude Not To" will take place on 14th May 2013

we would like to thank all those who have supported this album release thus far, the acceptance of our brand of rock has been most appreciated!

It'd Be Rude Not To

Pre-orders are being taken for our debut album "It'd Be Rude Not To" just by clicking right here.... http://thefeckers.net/main/?page_id=1213

thanks for the support - its appreciated bigtime!

"Just" ft Roy Bratbakken

Lyrics: Richard Anderson, Music: Chris Szkup

Vocal Arrangements: Richard Anderson & Chris Szkup

Musical Arrangements: Chris Szkup

©CS-SONGS / RAAA International Productions / Rockaboy Songs / The Feckers Music 2000-2012

Produced by Chris Szkup Mixed by Dennis Leeflang

Mastered by Maor Appelbaum @ Maor Appelbaum Mastering Studio’s

Lead Vocals, Backing Vocals: Roy Bratbakken / Electric Guitars, Bass: Chris Szkup / Drums: Dennis Leeflang

our debut single "Just" is available from the following locations....




we'd like to send our heartfelt thanks to all those that have continued to support us during the recording phases of our singles and debut album, we hope to make 2012 a really cracker of a year by unleashing more Feckery soon!

Chris checking in…..

Hi there to all!! Hope that this finds you well. Thought it might be a good time to check in and post on the progress of “It’d Be Rude Not To’, as everyone has been so cool about hanging tight for it!!! The latest news that you may be aware of if you follow our Facebook page, is that I’ve had a bunch of sessions down at Red Planet lately, and also been spending the time at home finishing things up. At the moment, I have some studio time at the end of this coming week which if the stars align and everything goes well, will ABSOLUTELY be the final tracking for the album!!! With the history that some of these songs have for Richard and myself, that’s a real trip to be writing that I can tell ya!!! Watching them come to life has been really cool, and I hope you guys dig the end results when you hear them. I think you will!!! After the session, it’ll be in the hands of the mighty Stew Long to work his magic on the mixing stage, which will basically be after the end of this week. As we’re nearing the completion of things here, you can most definitely look forward to snippets of music being leaked (a couple already have been via videos here and here, but you’ll have to find them!), much more in the way of goofy videos, which includes video for a couple of single releases before we drop the album, our awesome cover art which was designed by the incredible Mr Dan Verkys, and also the announcement of another special guest for the album. Then there’s the album itself, merch (email us asap if you’re interested in Royston g-strings), radio etc. So there’s pretty much going to be heaps going on. Stay with us, and feel free to sign up to the site here at http://www.thefeckers.net/ Thanks as always for hanging out with us and having lots of laughs via the F’book page, and we’ll talk to you soon!! \m/