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HEAT STROKE TOMORROW NIGHT!!! (Prepare Yourselves)

Tomorrow night will be filled with excitement. I have recently booked a line up almost as VARIOUS as my mental state of music and as we all know, that's tough to come by. Tomorrow night July 27th, 2012 HEAT STROKE @ BASEMENT TRANSMISSIONS kicks off @ 5pm. This is going to be a great night, full of variety. The performers are great personally and know how to get it done on stage. This line up has a girl that will melt your heart and spark life in your spirit at the same time, you know kind of OPTIMISTIC. It also has someone that will spark your interest and keep you amused & entertained and you know it gets tough to maintain and some things get out of KONTROLL, oops my spelling is a little out of control... sorry but anyway... This night also has that caffiene that like will get your blood flowing like coffee gets you up in the morning, but a suitable morning food you should have is a BANANA, but sorry, my point is this night has has a lot of STYLEZ that will get your heads movin, and of course we need to add some shock value, maybe more shocking than that COLUMBINE situation and sorry if that hits you a certain way, but that's what I mean about this night being shocking as well, BUT... if that's too much for you... If you feel we pumped too much electricity into your nerves with that shock, we apologize and we'll smooth it out a little and pulse the vibe a bit, you know, give you time to breathe but keep you alive, you know... Rather you agree it's you opinion... Ye or NE', but there's no need to sound the alarms, we got you, but sometimes you gots to face the reality and start to understand a few things so you know let's boost up the vibe kick it back into gear subtle pumped & focused for you guys to C what's going on, but we all gots that party thing going, some improvision to help you realize you're still free. We're all connected. We all can get that DYNAMIC feel of freedom and dance a bit and enjoy yourselves, you know feel the groove a bit under a new yet familiar taste, but you know once you have this all you, uh, you have to lash out and expose what's inside of you and those pulses of energy just kick in and take over and you no longer know who you are anymore... I mean are you SUSAN or ANTHONY who knows, but don't worry you're still in control and then you use all you learned and ROMANCE it a bit and know where to utilize all the lessons that have been presented before you in your time and that's when you realize you'll be okay... But unfortunately comes the END which is so unpredictable but eventually you have to face the fact that the end isn't up to you, but at least you have the INITIATIVE to keep going.

Last Night on 90.5 WERG fm Radio.

It was a good night last night. I had a good time on The Fazed Cookies Program on 90.5 WERG FM RADIO. My good friends Morgan & Fred from the Jargonauts were there and I had no idea they were set to be on this particular show as well. I had a good interview w/ Michael, talked about the upcoming events involving myself and played 4 acoustic versions of my songs live on air from different projects. Thanks to all who listened and those who are taking time to read this :)

Sadly I...

Sadly, I have to look at the lyrics to recall how to perform some of my old songs.— JC Nickles (@jcnickles) April 19, 2012

A lot of Sleepless Nights...

A lot of sleepless nights working on Morbid Scenario's "ESSENCE OF TRUTH" cd, but it's coming along nicely.