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Check out this Press Release!

Press release that mentions not only the forthcoming zDiet3 film, "Indemnity," but three other films I'm involved with: "Resolution: A Portrait of Amelia Earhart" (on the verge of being finished in post-production), "Fetish Dolls Die Laughing" (coming to DVD in April), and "Driving Nowhere" (currently in production). AND I'm a confirmed guest at Horror Realm on March 10 (a link will be posted soon).


Win a Signed Copy of "Poet"

The contest to win a signed copy of "Poet" is on again this month. Enter the drawing for a chance to win a signed copy of my debut album. The drawing will take place at the end of the month. Enter the drawing at http://tiffanyapancontest.fanbridge.com The album is also available for sale at CDBaby (check out the Summer Sale prices on my album): http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/tiffanyapan Shinto Records: http://www.sin-tech.org/Tiffany_Apan.html Amazon (preferably the POETSLABYRINTH store) The album is also available at iTunes, Napster, AmazonMp3, Rhapsody, Tarnius Music, and other major digital stores. NOTE: Once entered in the contest, your information is strictly confidential and will not be given to any outside sources.

Contest Winners, CDBaby Summer Sale, new releases

Tiffany Apan News June 2010 Hey everyone, Summer is here (almost) and there is much going on here. Well to start things off, we’ll announce the two winners of the first monthly drawings on the Mailing List as well as the Tiffany Apan Official Contest: The winner of the Mailing List drawing is Wendy Frederick from Virginia and she won a signed copy of “Poet” as well as a signed copy of the “Lunar Sea” compilation CD on which my song “Ghost” was featured. The winner of the Tiffany Apan Official Contest (where one is in a drawing to win a signed copy of “Poet”) is Brandon Jones of Missouri. Congrats to both winners and we will be doing both drawings again at the end of this month. There will be a different prize awarded to the Mailing List drawing winner each month, but the Official Contest prize is always a signed album (right now, “Poet”). Those of you on the mailing list are automatically enrolled in the Mailing List Drawing, but to double your chances of winning (and to guarantee that if you win, your prize will be a signed album), you may sign up for the Official Contest at the link below: http://tiffanyapancontest.fanbridge.com We are also having a discount Summer Sale for the album on CDBaby. Through the month of June, you can buy the physical album “Poet” for $7.00 (with the regular price being $10) and the digital album for $5.00 (with the normal price being set at 8.99). Please note that this is only on CDBaby and the $5.00 digital sale does not apply to iTunes, Napster, and others like them. And for those of you who catch us on the road this summer on the mini tour, the album is half off making it only $5.00 and the free copy of the “Heart Song” demo with any purchase (whether it’s an album or a 0.50 button) applies throughout the 2010 mini tour. http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/tiffanyapan June brings the release of two new songs. The Classical/New Age song I was working on for charity will be released this month via CDBaby Digital Sales. The song is titled “A New Day is Born” and proceeds for the song will benefit the Peace Partners Project. The Peace Partners Project is powered through Indaba Music and there are several musicians and bands involved with this digital compilation. Peace Partners is also partnered with War Child Canada and Amneste Internationale. For more information on Peace Partners, please visit their website at http://www.peace-partners.com . The song “A New Day is Born” features myself on vocals and lyrics, Wayne Kinos on composition and mini moog, Ulf on percussions, and Jack Nimersheim as sound engineer. My vocals were recorded by Rowen Poole at StarGlider Studios. All Peace Partners songs are to be released this month and we will let you know the day when “A New Day is Born” and the other songs are available for purchase. You can also watch a clip of my recording session for “A New Day is Born” (and a performance of the song “Free” off of “Poet”) now on my YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/TiffanyApan As for the other song being released, the a’capella version of “Lost Little Girl” is now officially released via digital download. We are planning on releasing a different version of the song in the not so distant future, but the original a’capella version is now available. You can currently get the track at my Reverbnation Store. Thanks as always, Tiffany Apan

Airplay, New single, 2010 shows, second album lineup

Hi everyone, Spring is almost here and we are as busy as ever here. First I give a thank you to a couple new radio stations spinning the tracks: New Artist Radio http://www.newartistradio.net WAGTi Radio which will officially go up on March 17 http://www.wagtiradio.com While we've been getting great airplay on internet, college, and independant radio stations, mainstream radio stations have proven to be a little more difficult because, well, the music we do isn't exactly mainstream! :) But, you can help us out a little in that department by voting for us at the following link: http://www.1059thex.com/new2/artists/tiffanyapan At this link, listen to a song in it's entirety and rate! It's that simple and would be greatly appreciated:) We are also happy to announce that there will be a new release on March 15. After being released on the La Femme Electrique Compilation CD, being a country/American Finalist in the 2009 Best New Song in the World Contest, and 'test-floating' around on music sites like thesixtyone, uvumi, and last.fm, we have decided to release my acapella song, "Lost Little Girl" as a digital single. The song will be re-recorded courtesy of Rowen Poole and StarGlider Studios and there will also be a music video for the song as well on which we will be working with Zane Hersherberger again (of the "Ashes to Dust" and "Scarborough Fair" music videos). We are scoping out potential locations for the video and will inform you on when we shoot and release it. The song will be available through Tarnius Music, iTunes, Plugo.la, Last.fm, and more. Also, the near future will hold all the music videos being available through iTunes as well. Stay tuned for all that:) Speaking of new releases, the song "A Prayer" from POET will be featured on what will be our 8th Compilation feature to date. It will be released through Coast2Coast Mixtapes (our second compilation with the Coast2Coast family) and we will inform you with more information upon it's release. We also have some shows happening starting in the spring. We didn't really intend to make it a Tour, but I guess it sort of is! So we are simply calling it the Tiffany Apan Concert Mini Tour 2010. Tiffany Apan Concert Mini Tour 2010 Spring Shows April 24-25 Spring Paranormal Conference (Koppel Firehall) in Koppel, PA May 3 "The Catacombs" Radio Show WVQC-LP 95.7 FM in Cincinnati, OH Fall Shows Sept 18 4th Annual Fall Frolic and Autumn Equinox Festival in Milford, PA Sept 25-26 Boo Fest 2010 (Conneaut Lake Park Hotel) in Lake Conneaut, PA We will also be doing a meet n greet and the 2nd screening of the music video for "Scarborough Fair" at the Indie Gathering 2010 at the Holiday Inn Select in Westlake, OH. There also may be a couple more shows added, so keep checking the official website: http://www.tiffanyapan.com as well as concert listing sites like bandloop, jambase, songkick, scout66, pollstar, eviesays, and others. The show will consist of songs from POET and will also be showcasing some new songs that will appear on "Elements" and some songs I've just enjoyed singing over the years. I would also like to introduce you to some of the session musicians appearing on the second album: Jim Waugaman (Keyboards, composition) John "JT" Tallent (Percussion) Scot Harvey (Drums) Roman Prokopenko (Bass) Jason English (returning to lend his guitar and bass talents) Penny Philips (compostion) Rowen Poole (producer, album photography) Find out more about Jim, John, Scot and Roman at http://www.persephonesdream.net/band.html You can also keep up with the making of Elements on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/TiffanyApan Thanks as always to everyone for the support and we hope to see you soon:) Tiffany Apan

Music World Radio Alternative Top 20! We are in!

Hello everyone, Well, we did it! Thank you so much to everyone who voted for "Run Away and Hide" in Music World Radio's Alternative Top 20. Thanks to all of you, the song debuted at #17 in the Alternative Top 20 Chart! Keep listening at http://www.musicworldradio.com and keep us movin on up at http://www.topchoons.com A big thank you to Music World Radio and to all the listeners who voted:) Tiffany

Third Episode of "The Making of Elements," new compilation, keep voting:)

Hi everyone, Episode 3 of "The Making of Elements" is now up on YouTube. In this episode, we meet Scott Harvey and Jim Waugaman (from Persephone's Dream) who will be contributing greatly to the album. I also take you to my little writing area where I'm about to polish up some top keyboards for the song "Antarctica." We will be putting "reruns" of "The Making of Elements" on MySpace so stay tuned for that as well. The Coast2Coast Mixtape compilation is now out and available. The compilation is titled The Showcase 69 mixed by DJGREEN MONEYTALKZ. It is actually a downloadable compilation and the song "Ghost (Persephone's NetherRealm Remix)" is included on it. It is my first foray into the world of club music, so it's pretty cool! You can download the compilation at the following link: THE SHOWCASE 69 GO TO Also, continue your votes for "Run Away and Hide" at Music World Radio's Alternative Top 20: http://www.topchoons.com Have a great evening, Tiffany

"Bubbly Upcomer" on Music World Radio's Alternative Top 20 Charts

Hi everyone, I received word that my song "Run Away and Hide" is nominated as a "Bubbly Upcomer" on the Alternative Top 20 Charts on Music World Radio. You can help the song get into the top 20 by voting for it at http://www.topchoons.com and listen every Friday night at http://www.musicworldradio.com Request the song throughout the week as the Top 20 Alternative Charts are played every Friday night:) Thanks to everyone and have a great weekend:) Tiffany

Scarborough Fair video, NYC and Cleveland shows, collabs, comp CD, tripfab.com

Hi everyone, I uploaded two new videos from day 2 of 'Scarborough Fair' music video shoot to the YouTube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/TiffanyApan Also, for those of you in the NYC area, don't forget our show on Sunday May 31 at The Annex! The show is at 7:00pm and the door price is $10.00. We will be sharing the stage with a few other great bands. You can check out more info at http://www.theannexnyc.com Speaking of shows, we are also playing in Cleveland, OH for an event being presented by The Jay Rossi Project, a popular Cleveland, OH based entertainment show. The event is being held at The Clevelander Sports Bar and Grill on July 11. The show will also be taped for a special airing of The Jay Rossi Project. We will be playing a short set (sharing the stage with acts like Gary Lee and Gina Pilotti), doing an interview, and the 'Ashes to Dust' video will be shown on the show as well. Jay Rossi did a show like this back in July, 2007 (when we released the 'Ghost' EP). While we ended up not being able to play a set for that one, Jason and I were interviewed on that one and that episode was aired on the Time Warner Channel 13. From what I understand, that 2007 interview will also be available on the internet very soon. But we WILL be playing at this one; so if you're in the Cleveland area, come out and enjoy the show, be part of the taping, get some great food, cash bar, and there is no admission fee. Can't beat that:) We'll have even more info soon:) There is also a new collaboration in the works. I'm venturing into the world of trance/electro music with Obscure Descension. There will be new remixes of 'Ghost' and 'Warrior' on the upcoming Obscure Descension album. We'll have more info for you soon on the releases of the songs and album. Obscure Descension is based out of Florida and the myspace and website are as follows: http://www.obscuredescension.com http://www.myspace.com/obscuredescension Compilation CD #5 is coming very soon! Shinto Records selected 'Ghost' to appear on an upcoming compilation release. More info soon enough:) Last but not least (at least I thought this was kind of cool) someone at tripfab.com (a travel destination site) selected one of my video blogs from the trip to Disney World to be part of their site in their section that promotes Disney's Magic Kingdom. The video currently sits in their Hall of Fame Video section along with other cool videos including videos of Sarah Brightman and Miley Cyrus performing the the Disney 2009 Christmas Parade, people who give reviews on various Disney attractions, videos of some of the rides, etc. Disney World is one of my favorite places on the entire planet, so I am pleasantly surprised. I actually thought there were videos definatly better than mine, but you can check it and the other great vids (you have scroll down a bit before you get to mine) at the following link: http://tripfab.com/Magic_Kingdom/Section:videos/ Well, that's all for now, folks! Off to sleep soon... Tiffany

SongVault.fm Finals, CDBaby Bestseller, music video update:)

Hi everyone, I'm happy to announce that "Ghost" moved up yet another tier on SongVault.fm! SongVault fm is divided into four tiers: Auditions, Showcase, Finals, and then a permanent place in the station's directory. Back in January, "Ghost" was promoted from Auditions to Showcase due to a high position on their charts. I've just been informed that "Ghost" has been promoted from the Showcase to the Finals in their Adult Contemporary category. It already sits in the top 40 at number 30. Please help "Ghost" earn a permanent place in SongVault fm's station airplay directory by voting at my profile on SongVaultfm. Simply paste or click on the link below: http://www.songvault.fm/artists/tiffany_apan.htm Sign up for a listeners account, vote, and hear some other great bands too:) You can also help "Scarborough Fair" make it up into the Showcase for International/Celtic. It has sat at number 2 for quite sometime and should be on the verge of being promoted. "Warrior" was also just added to the Auditions in the Adult Alternative category:) More great news: "Poet" is #37 on CDBaby's top 40 bestselling albums in the New Age/Progressive/Alternative categories. We're almost finished with the 'Ashes to Dust' video and will be starting the video for 'Scarborough Fair.' We plan to have 'Ashes to Dust' out by June 1 and I'm meeting with Sabrina, the makeup artist for the 'Scarborough Fair' video on Thursday to go over some possible makeup looks. Here's a hint: we'll be looking at Brian Froud books and others like it:) Well, that's all for now, folks:) Have a great evening, Tiffany Apan

Shows and Spotlight Article on Collected Sounds

Hi everyone, First I wanted to inform everyone that Amy of the website Collected Sounds did a Spotlight Artist featured article:) You can check it out at the following link: http://www.blog.collectedsounds.com/?p=3504 You can also check out some of the other great Spotlight Artists and the rest of the website. It is a great music site and worth checking out. I also wanted to thank those who came out to our in store performance at Borders in Northway Mall. We really had a great crowd. Unfortunatly, the store's PA system died shortly after our set began. We were able to do a couple more songs without the PA but were unable to do the whole show. We have rescheduled this performance for April 3. More info is in the show section on my myspace music page. We are also setting up an in store performance at Hot Topic. More info on that coming very soon. Hope everyone has a great weekend, Tiffany Check out more up do date info at http://www.myspace.com/tiffanyapanmusic