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Social Media-Am I linked in yet?

Most people don't know this about me...actually most people don’t know me at all. I am on a campaign to take the world by vibrational storm. I know that seems like a hefty goal. However, anyone who has ever taken the time to get to know me just a little, can tell you...I will not stop until I do.

I left most of my loved ones behind a little over a year ago. I am lonely without them, but I am on a mission. I don't need to wonder if it was necessary for me to leave. I would not be where I am now had I stayed. Change, though I don't always handle it well, was exactly what I needed.

I started writing songs about 10 or 11 years ago and I have yet to finish my first professionally produced and mastered album. It seems I fell into a bit of an artist’s block. Distracted by life perhaps? "Am I done with music?" I wondered. I was dead...dead to the world and dead to myself for years…8 years…8 long and painful years without the one thing that gives me any purpose in this life. Music.

I won’t go into detail about every step that myself as well as others have taken over the last year and a half to get me where I am right now, but I will say that I have a reason to live again. I would be honored to share it with you.

Listening is the greatest deed we can do for each other. Listening provokes thought. Thought encourages understanding. With understanding we learn to love.

Thank you for listening.

-Victoria Love-