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Live Album Out Now!

Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, good tidings and blessings be upon you… A quick blast to say that, YES, our new LIVE ALBUM is out today and available on our beloved one stop shop for cds and digital downloads, CD BABY. We got a lot of emails asking if we would have it ready in time for holiday gift giving, and our xmas elves, working in near-sweatshop like conditions, pulled it off. Now it’s on you. Nothing says “I love you,” or “I actually kind of like you” or “I can barely stand to look at you but I am compelled to give you a gift for career advancement” like Birds of Chicago, Live From Space The concert - which captures one incredible night in front of our hometown folks at SPACE -one of our all time favourite venues- is available in CD format and direct digital download by clicking this link http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/birdsofchicago3 … If you are an iTunes enthusiast, the album should be available on iTunes by Dec 15. The show was also filmed by the amazing Audiotree team, and, for the first time, we are going to make the video available for download as well. That’s exciting -- although only if you actually like looking at musicians while they sing and play their instruments. That, apparently is what this new “VIDEO” ( it’s an acronym, short for Visual Image Diagnostic Electro Oscillation) technology allows one to do. Look for that download to be available shortly, also through CD Baby. What else? Nothing… we’re here with family, counting contractions and taking it supremely easy....Really looking forward to getting back out there with our new babe come February. Love and Happiness to you all JT and Alli and all the Birds of Chicago Family FACEBOOK TWITTER TOUR DATES WEBSITE YOUTUBE