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01/18/09 Downey, CA - STARDUST CLUB with Riot Region

Last minute shit for sure, but a big thanks to Riot Region for hooking this one up, we are always down to rage 2 shows in one day/night, even 3 shows, especially with people we have raged it with before, we met Riot Region at the wild coyote bar in montebello about 6 months ago. Downey RAGED!! Stardust Club was awesome, quite a raging mosh pit as well, and Riot Region never lets us down!!!

Now wait for part 2, it includes everything below, house party with Toxic Hollocaust, a few crazy nights wtih Backup Razors and Tereton!!! And then up north with 3-1= 2 piece band VX36!!!

01/18/09 Downey, CA - THE ANARCHY LIBRARY

Always have wanted to play here, and this is the first time for us, finally got in on a Sunday mattinee show. This place is like the samurai duck on heroin, its like its smaller brother, everything is black, there are stickers everywhere, and you can tell that they have had some raging shows there, shit they even have this cobra tequila with a cobra in the bottle with a gardener snake in its mouth. The bartender here, sorry again I am horrible with names and shit like that, but really is one of the coolest fucking people we met on the whole tour, we hung out here for like 6 hours in the middle of the day, then headed to the stardust club in the same city to play a double show with Riot Region.

01/17/09 Los Osos, CA - SWEET SPRINGS SALOON

So after a few days at NAMM, we were fucking bored, and not even wanting to go back to the hilton to party, on the fear that people were probably going to kick our ass tonight, because Saturday is when people get fucking WASTEDDDDDDDDDDDD. Remember last year we had to leave before saturday night to drive straight home and rage john henrys on no sleep, so we wanted to stay around for saturday, but fuck saturday, we want to play a fucking real show. We had generators and a PA, and were planning on playing at the Anaheim Supercross or NAMM parking lot, but there were Pigs everywhere, and they were fucking pricks this year!!! So Ace of Spades productions sends us an email and wants us to come up and rage Sweet Springs Saloon in Los Osos. We shot up there, 3 hour drive, raged it for everyone that was there. Both bands dropped off the show, so we had the night to ourselves, it fucking RAGED, fuck the other bands, this wasn't the first time on a tour all the local bands dropped off because a family member died or something, or the dog ate their guitar, etc..... Really, bands that drop out of shows at the last minute or no call/no show really need to get a different excuse, your mom can only die one time, not 3!!!

1/12 - 1/17 Part 2

So much shit happened in these 6 days that I cant even cover it. Needless to say Dano got fucking wasted off of Heineken, and when he found out some "rockstar" that looked Ace Freeley and was probably the guitar player for some 80's band called me a Fag because of what I was wearing, Dano wanted to fight!!! He didn't know where he was since there were about 3000 people in the bar, and I wasn't about to take on the 8 dudes surrounding him that were 4 times bigger than I was, with me wearing a pink suit? But the point of the matter is: ITS A GODDAMN MUSIC CONVENTION AND YOU ARE GOING TO GIVE SOMEONE SHIT BECAUSE OF WHAT THEY ARE WEARING? Everyone else was wearing all black, the same shit as everyone else, fuck half of the people in there had on brand new crispy BLS vests and probably didn't even know who Zach Wylde is, they just bought it online just to look cool, or at a merch booth for way too much. So fuck you if you want to call me a fag because I am wearing a pink shirt, fuck you and whatever music you wrote!!!!

The next day in the show, Dano had a little better luck than me when he ran into Max Cavallera, long story im not going to explain right now, but for those of you that know the whole dano/tattoos on arms/max was supposed to be the first one to sign it but he was a prick situation then you know what Im talking about, and it was actually caught on video. Dano walks away with a signature of Max that says to: Pat, because dano was pat on his fake pass :).

Me on the other hand, runs into Back in the dark, and they are FUCKING WASTED!!! Goddamn I hope I can revive the video of this, it was fucking awesome. Not only that we ran into our bros like 1300 miles away, but that they were completely wasted from earlier in the morning, before they got on the airplane and got free beer. We teamed up for about an hour and watched them yell shit at normal people, while we quietly walked behind them in our pink and orange suits, we were their managers.

1/12 - 1/17 Part 1

So now for the next 6 days, we drive around and watch 3 Inches of Blood and Toxic Hollocaust fucking tear California apart. Hung out with our good friend Brent from Better Left Unsaid, planned some shit out for them coming up here to rage The WOW Hall again with us on April 4th!!! thank you for all the hospitality Brent, you are like our home away from home away from home!! Gave Nate from VX36 a ride down to the NAMM show in LA, ended up sitting at a Sharis in Inglewood for 5 hours while we wait for his ride to get there, it was just like Pulp Fiction!! So the next day, wherever we were getting passes from for NAMM didn't follow through with us, which was fine, because all anyone cares about at the NAMM convention during the day is handing out backstage passes to Papa Roach and hoping that you will look at the cheap hookers holding their guitars/amps that they probably paid way too much to get people to come to their booth. (Honestly I just bought a $1000 Randall cabinet, and right after getting it, the whole fucking thing fell apart, because it was probably made in China. Anyway I tried for over an hour to find someone to talk to them about the quality of their cabinets, because we snuk in to the show without our own passes, ill get to that later, and found nothing. No one there, at the music products convention wanted to have anything to do with my quality control question. Which is the same reason you will see me using a Mesa triple rectifier now instead of a Randall amp)

So stranded at Danos Grandparents house in Northwest LA, we decide to take the $50 a piece we had to buy NAMM passes and go to Marshalls to buy some hideous looking salmon colored with a hint of baby blue and ugly orange NAMM suits so we look like the only peoplpe at the convention wearing that. Were just going to hit up the parties and explore the nightlife with a video camera because it really is some crazy shit! I was wearing size 20 shoes dogg!!!!!! Still have them in the van.

We run into Nate from VX the first night and he is heading over to party with Mystic Rage. We had about an hour to kill so we followed him over to the hotel, where Mystic Rage has the only room with the door wide open and a garbage can sitting outside, obviously this was not the first year they stayed at this hotel. Pete hooks us up for the next day getting into the show, and were stoked now because not only are we getting ready to go rage our new outfits down at the cespool hilton bar area, but were going to get into the show tomorrow, and that's all we needed anyway. Pete gives dano the idea to go to 7 11 and buy Heineken because it is what they sell at the bar, and you can sneak in your own so you don't have to pay $8 a beer!!! Thank you for the idea Pete, saved Dano like $200.

I go to grab the video camera to start filming some shit, because now that I have a laptop I can upload AthiarchisTV from the road. The video camera is sitting in a puddle of water, because the gallon of water exploded somewhere on the drive over. The tape gets eaten that we had been using for the last 4 days, unusable, fuck!!! Instead of getting pissed, we decide to go buy a cheap youtube camera from best buy, the only problem was, the 99 dollar camera only worked for one night, and the video we got from it, was uneditable in adobe premiere, what i'm trying to say is there is an episode of athiarchistv with us at NAMM in our pink/salmon suits, but I wont be able to finish it for a few more months, and none of you got the athiarchistv update from Anaheim that i was hoping for.

1/11/09 Pacifica, CA - THE OCTOPUS LOUNGE

Honestly, after driving from Seattle to Las Vegas to Phoenix to LA while playing 3 shows in under 48 hours, getting 2 hours of sleep before driving to San Fransisco from Eugene after raging our balls off the night before, is nothing at all. Give me an 1/8th of weed, a pipe, a lighter, and a fucking license plate light and i'm good to go! So we arrive in Pacifica, CA around 7:00 and already one band isn't showing up, so its looking like our set times are going to open up a bit. I'm pretty convinced in my stoner fucking mind that we played with Chronic Narcosis and Burned Beyond Recognition, there was also another sick fucking punk/metal band there, please let us know if you read this so we can update shit. Sorry, I feel so bad, but its what happens when you write a tour blog a month later!!! Totally a big fucking thank you to Union 69!!! I got that shit sewn on the back of my sweatshrit now so no one can steal it!!! Thank you for the shot of water Lou!!!!!

It was awesome to see everyone that we have raged it with in the bay area before there, Black Dream in the house talking about pissing in the bay next to some toxic waste barrels with the middle finger in the air! Fulltime Killer in the house!!! Going to have to rage it with you guys next time.

01/10/09 Eugene, OR - THE WOW HALL

This show fucking raged!! Of course it started off with a massive gourmet hot dog grilling, fronted by our own good friend Crackerbox and his home made barbecue. For sure we will be grilling it up Saturday, April 4th!!! Anyway we went on first and fucking raged it!! This was the first time seeing Early man and Toxic Holocaust, we missed Toxic at the GWAR/KOS show in Portland a month earlier, and after seeing Toxic Holocaust rage at The WOW Hall we were thoroughly convinced that they fucking throw down!!! 3 Inches of blood of course threw the fuck down as well, we have probably seen them 7 or 8 times in the last year from the Jagermusic Hatebreed/Type O tour, and they never let anyone down, that fucking mosh pit was insane!!! And anyone that was there will agree with me, and really any night on this tour, when 3 Inches went on, the steady stream of security kicking people out for being too brutal began. After the show Dano proceeded to tear it up around Eugene with Toxic Hollocaust, while I got 2 hours of sleep before driving to San Fransisco at 5 in the morning.