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The Voodoo Organist and Psyatics tear up the Bunkhouse this Saturday

Rawk and roll with The Psyatics and Voodoo Organist this Saturday at the Bunkhouse- 10PM...bring yer livers!

Gig at The Motor City Cafe tonight!

Tonight at the Motor City Cafe, the Psyatics and The Swamp Gospel banging sticks and howling at the moon...10PM sharp!

Honing the craft, beating the tunes out...

We are furiously writing, compiling enough material for our first full length this year. Check out a show and let us know what you think- Next local gig: Saturday July 14th at the Motor City Cafe in Las Vegas with Backbiter (ex- Angry Samoans and Clawhammer) and The Swamp Gospel!! Get out and see live music...yer Ipod shuffle ain't got anything you haven't heard before.


The Psyatics out at the Cheyenne Saloon Sat May 12th with Swamp Gospel and Beau/Outfit!! Last gig for a few weeks as we work out more originals.

Doublin' Down...

The next Psyatics gig will be Friday, May 4th at the Double Down with Urban Disposal, Stagnettis Cock and more! Be there or don't!!

Record Store Day and cash mobbin'...

Today is national Record Store Day, as well as the local Las Vegas Cash Mob. Support your community and the medium if you wanna keep it around!

Gig Friday the 13th at The Bunkhouse..

The Psyatics will be playing with Swamp Gospel and more Friday the 13th at the Bunkhouse. Be there or don't! 127 S 11th Street

Psyatics need love...

We're off and running soon...so soon. Until then, friend us on facebook so'z we can keep you up to date, yup! http://www.facebook.com/ThePsyatics And check out our new video for 'Stole Your Girl' on You Tube: http://www.youtube.com/roebeartoe66

Stole Your Girl

The Psyatics have just finished the video for "Stole Your Girl", now unleashed on the net. Do with it what you will...

Kicking off

The Psyatics have joined the internet... Properly recorded songs to follow.