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attn illustraters,artists,and computer animaters

I am looking for someone to make up a video for one of my songs.You get to pick the song.I am not looking to pay for this job but please read all the way through.I am not looking to hire someone im looking for another starving artist that just wants to be seen.We are both equally promoted in this deal you for the video and me for the audio so both our names will be on it.Between me and you and this internet we can make the video be seen worldwide.I would like someone with a sense of humor that can make a funny ass video something I cant do in real life which can only be done in animation.Any interests please holla back asap

am I wrong?

Am I wrong to say that I think im the hottest rapper in the game? Am I wrong to say that all these new rappers sound the same really lame? Am I wrong that I think im on the same level as pac, and that im the hottest white rapper eminem sucks cock? Maybe its just me and maybe im wrong check me out please comment and rate my songs