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Three New Songs Released For ANGEL OF MERCY Album/CD

ANGEL OF MERCY, feel like listening to Metallica while mellowing out? This song will let you choose how it makes you feel. ANGEL OF MERCY is a song to center yourself, chill out or just a good song to get depressed to.

Short and sweet, but with some really cool flangering effect. It always adds "strange" or "spacey" atmosphere!

Written and performed by Darkest Side

THE LIE, the sound is so free, yet you can feel some kind of passion when you listen to the lyrics, but this is not a I love this song! A nice surprise for most. This track is beautiful hands down. Mix of Classic Rock and Indie.

This song was quite appealing to our band. Usually we compose Metal and Grunge music. So obviously we wanted this to be pure without electric guitars, and that Metal core sound.

Written and performed by Darkest Side Piano by: Tina Kirkland Produced by: Master BIG (Travie Allen)

DEMOTIVATOR, the influence for this song is singer-songwriter Mark Lanegan. He rose to fame as the singer of Seattle's Screaming Trees. The vocals of Rick Beaman sound kinda like Mark Lanegan, good stuff. Absolutely grunge from start to finish!

If you like grunge, this song is awesome. Guitars are crazy off the heezy number 4 sheezy. Vocals are damn good if you like Mark Lanegan vocal style. DEMOTIVATOR is a sweet ass song. Grunge isn't dead! It's alive in this song.

Written and performed by Darkest Side

To Our Metal & Hard Rock Fans

To all of our fans that take the time, email and comment about us. It means a lot. And for people as well to favorite our band means so much.

This helps our band determine what to change or not to change. It also gives me a better boost for creating music you like. It all means so much to all of us, and we want to thank everyone who cares about our music!

From the band Darkest Side, to you… Thank You!

New Track Uploaded: 73 SATELLITE just released by Darkest Side

73 SATELLITE, the song, and the lyrics are like a great-exaggerated tribute to 90's grunge! Like the song NAME OF CHRIST, its like Alice in Chains with some decent metal guitars, and drums with the weird vox thing going on.

Solo guitar by lead singer Rick Beaman, great riffs that kick ass, and a sweet bass that licks by Tina Kirkland. 73 SATELLITE totally rocks, very Alice in Chains. Awesome IN EVERY WAY for those metal heads whom love that Gritty Bassey Sound! Final track for the Gothic Nights digital album theme.

Written and performed by Darkest Side

Darkest Side & Master BIG To Release "BOOTY"

Run-D.M.C’s fusion of rock and rap broke into the mainstream with their song title "Walk This Way". Recorded with Aerosmith's Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, "Walk This Way" was the first hip-hop record to appeal to both rockers and rappers, as evidenced by its peak position of number four on the pop charts.

Darkest Side lead singer Rick Beaman, and Master BIG (Travie Allen) will try to repeat history. Not to the point of success of "Walk This Way", but just to become one of few that have released a rock and rap titled song.

Both Darkest Side and Master BIG are looking for that once in a life time music break, this maybe it as both had into the studio to record "BOOTY" this month.

New Track Uploaded: NAME OF CHRIST just released by Darkest Side

NAME OF CHRIST, you will love the heavy, sludgy riffs, catchy chorus and verses that give off a creepy ambiance in this tribute to Alice in Chains. This song will remind you of Alice in Chains to the point of thinking Layne is still alive, rest his soul.

During the recording of NAME OF CHRIST, the grunge vocals of lead singer Rick Beaman will sound like Axl Rose a bit. A real jam that is awesome!

Written and performed by Darkest Side

Lyrics to HOMOPHOBE. It seems the song has turned into a bitter song!

The song was written for another another female singer, but Tina Kirkland did a great job with it!


It's Ok Im feelin real strange Brains gone blurted and deranged (people can't ya listen to me whinge) Can't ask god Can ask satan Gotta get rid of this love and hatred (people's can't ya see.....)

You hate homo's You hate gays's Well you'll hate me when I say Your a Homophobe Ears are bleeding Truth is singing Well you'll hate me when I say Your a Homophobe.......Yeah?

Where do I begin? My whole life's a big sin All because I can't win (God ya like to listen to me whinge) You're royal disiples You're royal followers Are now low down sin dwollerwers (People can't ya see...)

You hate homo's You hate gays's Well you'll hate me when I say Your a Homophobe Ears are bleeding Truth is singing Well you'll hate me when I say Your a Homophobe.......Yeah?

*guitar solo Rick Beaman*

Hate me God you hate me...? X god knows how much

You hate homo's You hate gays's Well you'll hate me when I say Your a Homophobe Ears are bleeding Truth is singing Well you'll hate me when I say Your a Homophobe Homophobe Homophobe Homophobe Your a Homophobe............ ------------------------- -----------------

“HOMOPHOBE” is a pure Grunge tune, and is not pointed at any one group!

HOMOPHOBE just released by Darkest Side, Vocals by Tina Kirkland

Just uploaded Tina Kirkland’s first solo with the band Darkest Side, “HOMOPHOBE”. This experimental tune features Rick Beaman at lead guitar, with bass player Tina Kirkland on vocals.

Again, this experimental track is a little different. But Darkest Side is always writing new music, and developing new sounds. “HOMOPHOBE” is a pure Grunge tune!

New Track Uploaded: HIDE just released by Darkest Side

"HIDE", lets have some fun, its our attempt at a pop-punk rock sound. HIDE is different, but cool. This element of pop-punk rock added the bit of speed to our music that our band looks for sometimes. For many of our fans, you may not like it as well as the other songs, but the band thinks it is an awesome song!

Many bands, including Darkest Side try to evolve over the years to suit the changing tastes of their audience while forgetting what made them great. HIDE is just one song and sometimes it is good to explore.