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The Enucleators - Posthumous 2016

Hardcore Punk Thrash from reno, NV. click here for previews http://www.cdbaby.com/cd/theenucleators

Dogwater Finish

Well went back to the Dogwater last night did some more vox and laid out some track… Was productive. Mixing is next and then Mastering. Will take a bit, should be done in a month or so. Ewwe CD release Party?!!!Hmmm Thinking now…. Gotta give to my boys though, the drums and bass killed it for this album. Couldn't have accomplished this without team work. Frickin Job!! We are now looking to book for June July and August or past that. contact me Kris 405-612-5132 or enucleatorsbooking@gmail.com We have bands already booking with us so we have extra time to eat if needed.


First show in 2015 coming up everyone after a searing 18 hour recording session at Dogwater Studios that should have taken at least a week. It was rough but we pull fit off. Once the legalities and mastering is done we will have a CD to release within a several months. The industry has not made it essayer for new artists, its just more legal, and time consuming. Thank you for your patience. The Enucleators Kris, Dan, Jimmie

New Stuff 2015

We are currently under way to record our first legitimate album. The first recordings were just Dan and I. I can't wait to see what it will really feel and sound like with Mr. Jimmie on Bass. Awesome as usual. Dan will be shredding the drums apart for this very project, we will send you pictures as the drum set explodes. Kris, me, well , I will hold my end up. We record with Dogwater Studios from Sparks Nevada in Feb. We should be done with mastering after that date TBA, and of course the record release date sometime this Summer!! See ya March 13th @ Jub Jub's Thirst Parlor for a kick ass local show. Low dough show $5!! This line up will have people talking as to why they didn't show up, ha! Cya soon.


New shows coming up FYI Friday the 13th , March @ Jub Jubs April 10th @ Jub Jubs Details coming!! Dbl Friday Action!!

The Worst Podcast!! yes!

Great show check it out! We support local talent! http://www.worstlittlepodcast.com/2015/01/08/the-enucleators-new-game/

New Stuff 2015

We will be doing a recording @ worstlittlepodcast.com and later supply all of you with the humor and songs with url. After that real recording, then a CD release date to set. Stay Tuned…….


Ok Whew Where do we begin, Marianarchy , what a great benefit for Grag Allen and the shows the bands put on were great from Acoustic to Stand up Comedy and of course some hardcore..Dec 12th-13th was very entertaining and shows you really Reno, Nevada has way more to offer in nightlife than most cities who fall asleep at 9pm… We look forward to the next show at Jub Jub's as well on Dec. 20th with Ostracized for their record release part Oblivion Gate. Other bands present will be Steel Savior, Broodwich, HalfATusk!! These guys all shred and we are the only Punk thrash band attending. This will be a treat for those who miss the the cross platform metal punk thrash shows of the old days. And yes its here again folks!!! PARTY!!!!! SEE Ya There!! Oh ya we have some pre sale tickets left if your interest just let me know and I will list you and leave tickets at front, just pick them up for $8 ea. Instead of $10 at door.

New Show!!!

December 2nd Ground Zero, Reno ,Nv. $5/door @ 830pm With REVOLT, Dissidence, Endof Theline This show will be louder than usual, we promise.!

Last Night..

Oct 31st show at The Alley was fun and cool as usual. They will be closing Nov 22nd. So sad to see a great hall close. However that still leaves 3 others around town. Thanks for coming out every one...!!