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Trying a New Approach at Promotion

Most bands, ours included, get paid at least in part based on how many people come to see you play. The difference between high budget national tours and a club gig is, generally, a question of ticket sales. If 10,000 people are willing to plop down the money for a ticket, well then you'll be playing the 10,000 seat rooms, and if it's 100 it's 100 and so on. Its sad but true the music business is a popularity contest. People come to be entertained, they are there to have fun, and they are looking to you to provide them with the goods. We sell fun. The key is how do you promote how much fun your band is? We'll see if it works!

I guess we should pay attention to this

Cause we are a band after all ...

Black Friday!

NOV 23- The All Star Rock Bar w/ Looks That Kill (Motley Crue Tribute) 7210 NE 43rd Street, Kansas City, MO 64117 All ages, 9PM, $5