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"the Musician and the New Universe"

i am writing a lot of songs right now, and recording some old stuff. really just getting idea's for volume two of my solo work, which is going to be a concept album that i am calling "the Musician and the New Universe" as a working title. i put up a few songs that will be going on it, and/or New Stranger's debue album.

The Tunnel to the Moon!

"The Tunnel to the Moon" is finally getting started, with a composition by Ben for "The March of the Elephants." that is actually something i had music for at one point, but forgot, and didn't really like it anyway, so i am glad i didn't tell Ben i had anything for that, 'cause what he wrote is much better. Thanks Ben!

i am really excited about this album, and can't wait to really get working on it. it's been a long time coming.


CD Release!!!

"charlie shuck, sings *volume one* is going to have a limited release on Friday, January 20th, and Shanty Town Pub. I will be preforming solo, as well as with my band New Strangers. CD's will be $5, and there is no door cover, as always. i am very excited about this release; it's been a long time coming. The songs featured on the album are mostly songs that i wrote a few years back, with some added new treats and surprises. i hope to see everyone there. i only have 20 copies for this first run, but don't worry if you don't get a copy, i will be making more, and i will have a sign up sheet for those of you who miss out, but wish to reserve a copy from the next run. please come out and join in the fun!

peace, love, and joy to you all, -c.s.