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EP Release!

Alright guys! October 2nd is the day! Thanks for being patient. We will be releasing of debut EP and playing some shows to support it. We figure its time you heard some of our newer music, and how we progressed since recording the demo.

Delete! Rewind!

Hey guys! GPT here, updating you guys for the first time in forever. Sorry we've been slacking on our social media upkeep... we've just been super busy recording our debut EP!

We just finished drums last week for all of the 7 songs and they sound great. We are starting guitars tonight, and wanna get this thing done as soon as possible.

We have also revamped all of our social media sites and are going to be maintaining those much more actively. For those of you who have recently checked us out for the first time, thank you! And for those who are still with us, thank you too!

Please stay tuned for more news on the EP and show announcements. Check out our twitter, facebook, and youtube accounts for other updates too!

Thanks guys,