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Attention Dumbass! When you send me a message about how awesome you think our music is maybe you should actually listen to it first. We're instrumental so when you tell me how deep and powerful our vocals are I know your a LYING LIAR! When you talk about the thundering drums and sweet guitar but no number has shown up on songs played I know your a LYING LIAR! When you tell me that you just listened to all four songs so will I please do the same and also follow your Reverb, Twitter, and Facebook the answer is fuck no I won't. Why you ask? Because your a LYING LIAR. You know how I know that? Because I went into my dashboard and checked to see if you did, and you didn't...you DUMB ASS LYING LIAR. If your just networking cool! You don't have to listen and I'm more than happy to fan you back. The larger our network the better for all. Just think twice before you tell me how our music has moved you in ways you didn't know possible with it's subtle melodies. Don't be a LYING LYER you dumbass. K? Thanks and good day sirs and mams

Mark Ten
Mark Ten  (almost 2 years ago)

thats right - like for a like ! its always been that way