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I wish you all a happy, healthy, safe and prosperous new year! May you and your music create and thrive. All best to you.... ER

New Tune

Yes indeed. I've just added a new tune - "Find My Way", so please listen, if you care to, and enjoy, if you like it

Happy New Year!

Greetings from the desert! I wish for you all a happy healthy safe and prosperous new year. I appreciate all your support and feedback. Keep filling the world with your beautiful music!

Enjoy the new tune!

Greetings! I recently posted a new song - "One Less Star" in tribute to my uncle Duane Ramsey, who passed away. He was a fine man, and life the type of life to which we could all aspire. We miss him. Please enjoy the tune, and tell those you love that you do....

New Tune!

Hey - I just uploaded a new song "Our Flag Decals Still Won't Get Us Into Heaven", a sequel of sorts to John Prine's classic "You're Flag Decals Won't Get You Int Heaven Anymore". Please check it out and comment - good or bad, either way! Thx!


Thanks to everyone for their support! Input from other musicians is a wonderful thing, and you all are inspiration to me. Shine on....