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The New and Improved OTB Official Website!

We noticed that our previous webpage was... well, utter shit, so we went ahead and re-vamped everything.

Orderthroughblood.com will be used as your personal "backstage pass" to see everything behind the scenes; such as videos, new music, tour info, and other band stuff. Plus from time to time we will post videos of us just shootin' the shit to give you all more of that "in the band" feeling.

Everything OTB will be posted there first! So sign up for our newsletter to be part of this exclusive group, just go to our Contact the Band page by navigating the link bar at the top of the page at orderthroughblood.com

Also, we are thinking about doing a question and answer video; so whether you want to ask a question or give us a comment or suggestions as far as where we should play or what kind of merch to sell, send us a message using the Contact the Band page and fill out the form.

This year we will also post "Live Sessions" with us as well as show videos. 2014 will be the best year yet and we want our fans to be a part of it!

*The term "backstage pass" does not mean you have a backstage pass to any show/venue at which Order Through Blood is/may be playing, it was meant merely as a term to describe the website's function*

A New Year, Some New Music!

Join us in making 2014 the best year yet! On January 14th we will be releasing our new single Clairvoyant Infringement! We have posted the teaser video to our page, go check it out. The album will be released shortly after the song release. We will be putting our music on iTunes, Amazon MP3, and other media sites.