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Life as a full time musician and crowd sourcing

Hi guys! As you may or may not know, I finally made the plunge into the life of a full time musician back on January 1st of this year. Now, 5 months later after encountering several of the obstacles you may expect from a lifestyle change of this nature, I am still PUMPED about the decision I made and the chance to make music for all of you guys! With that said, my upcoming CD GEEK PARTY 2 is in production and sounding great but I could use a little help to make it the best it can be! I will be launching 2 crowd sourcing campaigns (Indiegogo and Patreon) both for GEEK PARTY 2 this weekend. On Indiegogo you can make contributions to help with the production of GEEK PARTY 2, and on Patreon you can make contributions based on content released. It's your choice. I would greatly appreciate it and be forever thankful if you could make a contribution after the launch. There will be several perks available to those that are able to contribute, and if you're unable you can show your support by sharing the campaign with others. Thanks a lot for reading this novel and for continuing to listen to my music. Get HYPED for GEEK PARTY 2 and always remember to Unleash the FRO!

A little bit about cosplay

So the Lexington Comic and Toy Convention was this passed weekend. Of course, I was there doing my usual thing with a show on Saturday and a table all weekend. Also as usual, I had a kick ass time! everything was awesome! Especially, since I got to do 2 cosplays that I have wanted to do for a long time. Saturday, I cosplayed as Bruce LeRoy from the cult classic The Last Dragon, and Sunday, I cosplayed as Dream from Neil Gaiman's Sandman. I've been in love with cosplaying since I started dressing up for Halloween as a child. It didn't matter to me what I was, as long as I had on a costume. As I grew up, still continuing to costume, I noticed that I gained much more joy from wearing obscure costumes that not many people easily recognize. Don't get me wrong, I really enjoy the attention and fandom fostered by wearing a popular, well known cosplay, but what I enjoy more is that deep fanatic connection you make with the one person that actually knows what your obscure cosplay is. That person and I usually instantly become BFFs and just gab on and on while we both fangasm. It's easy to see that I have made that person's day; maybe even their entire convention, and they have done the same for me. This exact situation happened a few times with my Dream cosplay this weekend, and the feels from those moments make all the work put into the cosplay all the more worth while.

It has begun!

For those of you that didn't know, Bubble Cat Studios has been setting up for some pretty cool stuff to happen in the coming couple of weeks. Well, set up is over! Things have already started to role. Unfortunately, I have to stay tight lipped on most of it for now, but rest assured everyone is gonna love everything when it goes public. Let's change everything!! That is all for now. Peace

I just want a beer!

So, I'm sitting at work today, about a quarter after noon, and I decide that I want a beer. Never mind I'm still on medication from having my wisdom tooth pulled a couple days ago. Never mind I AM at work. Never mind I don't really have the money to buy a beer. I just had the taste for one. Just one. It's not like I'm trying to get drunk at work or anything... hmmm... Anyway, I proceed to ask my co-workers if anyone wants to join me for a refreshing beverage at the restaurant next door. Of course, my offer is promptly rejected by everyone (Responsible assholes). Now, due to the barrage of "values" that attack me along with rejections, I'm starting to doubt that I should even have a delicious brewski. Sigh....... Then the manager from next door walks in and and tells me that they have domestic cans for a $1 right now! Doubts forgotten. Later haters!