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About Pirate Radio Star

Pirate Radio culture and Hip Hop culture have a lot in common. Both were born out of necessity and a lack of resources. Both also came out of a need for unfiltered expression. In Hip-Hop’s early days, the lack of musical instruments caused rappers to “borrow” from established songs in order to make a name for themselves. In the same way, pirate radio “borrowed” bandwidth space from established stations to broadcast their own shows. This project merges the independent, rebellious spirit of both cultures and crown Rock Mecca as its star.

The cover represents the three levels of radio. The old school, classic style radio at the bottom represents the underground. Its large size represents the amount of artists that perform at this level. The small, shiny radio at the top represents the mainstream. Its size represents the small group of artists allowed at this stage and its height shows the difficulty in attaining this level. The middle radio, where the name Rock Mecca is illuminated, is the pirate radio level, where cult status and popular appeal meet as one.

Pirate Radio Star means just that, to be yourself (Pirate Radio) and be the best at it (Star). Not trying to fit in but to carve a place for yourself and shine. The album is fourteen tracks of passionate, infectious Hip-Hop and Rock Mecca’s first release.