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Phase X - Orwell overcome - Part 1

Todays world is even more extreme, than authors writing science fiction over the passed 100 years would have dared to imagine! George Orwell’s predictions made in 1948 (!) in his all-time bestseller ”1984”are overcome by far for quite a while and technical progress has reached spheres, we wouldn’t have imagined, too! But, as a principal of mankind, the progress in knowledge and possibilities is far in front of the progress we made emotionally. This leads to many absurdities and paradoxical situations, which we can see every day. But as we are in the middle of those, most of us don’t seem to realise, how far we have come! Especially people in Europe used to be very concerned about privacy and liberty of mind. When we had a census of population drawn in the end of the 80s of the last century, a vast majority of the citizens boycotted the national survey ordered by the government. Those resisting weren’t extreme people, those weren’t people, who resisted other principles of our government and democracy. No, the majority was beware of the power, that the data collected gave those, that owned those packets of information. This is why this census was far from being optimal. Many people didn’t fill in the blank fields or they filled in wrong data deliberately. People strongly disliked to be controlled or to become a vitreous human. Today’s collective consciousness has almost turned into the opposite. Many, many people spread most personal secrets and photographs all over the web and they do this voluntarily. The longing for a private personality and a real, actual life seems to have gone for the benefit of exhibitionism in virtuality. And, as pro- spying proponents elaborate, how could one complain about being spied out, when at the same time sharing most private facts and non-facts, wishes and dreams, pictures and opinions with the whole world virtually? This is one argument those people use, which support large data collections and control of the whole web. But these are two different things! Whatever you share on the web, is what you do by decision. You share music, because you want other people to listen to it, but not to use it against you. Some even share emotions, expecting to find soul-mates and not to be classified and analyzed and so on. You, doing so, know (or should know) what you give away and it is in your hands. But being spied out is something completely different. There is no control over the data being collected, nor is there any control over what happens with these. The world is anything but black-and-white, it is all in between. There is no such world as in a fairytale or fantasy roman, were good fights evil and good is white and evil black. And there is no triumph of the “good”, too. But this is what certain people try to make you believe. And they got strong reasons for that. Probably the most important one (after greed for cash and power) is to gain legitimacy for aggression, for crippling citizens’ rights and to be in the procession of the morality of the good. (p.t.o.)

Phase X - Status and State - Part 2

(...) So, this shows clearly, that the methods installed to turn the world a fairer place accomplish the absolute opposite. Yes, it’s true, that some acts of aggression might have been prevented by global spying. But it is also true, that all those actions of the ”good people”, or to be more precice, the intentions and self- estimation of the self-called “good guys” are actually the cause for aggression in the first place. And, if the ”good heroes” were true to themselves, they would have to admit, that it is blank interests mainly leading to the actions done! And this is easily to be proved. Just look at any war or military intervention in the past hundred years. There wasn’t a single case where military aggression occurred without any financial, strategical or political interests standing behind. Or, to look at it the other way, hundreds of places with deep injustice where not the point of even slightest interest, because there were no interests for oil, power or other profit to be kept. The reasons used for military intervention, such as issues of humanity, installation of democracy or the gain of liberty is a simple lie. They could be coefficients, but are never the main cause. Humanity is being deceived all the time, now, 20 years ago, 200 years ago and 2000 years ago. But there is a big difference! People, living 200 years ago, had no possibility of finding out, what stood behind and they weren’t able at all, to gain knowledge over coherences. And just a few people even had the possibility being well-educated, being capable of reading and having success to a bigger pool of information, whether vast majority of people to tried to survive and to make ends meet for themselves and their families. But even if this would have been realised by a bigger amount of people, the chance of doing something against it was very small. Imagine, at that time communication was completely different to what we call communication our days. Just writing a simple letter was an unbeatable obstacle for most of the people. If they were capable of writing, they needed ink, a feather and paper to write on, which in those days was precious and rare. But even if they managed to get the letter written, the transport to the recipient was a risk. Many things could happen to the message. It could have gotten wet, it could have gotten opened by someone else, it could have gotten lost in a raid or simply just didn’t reach the addressee, because the post man disliked the position far of the beaten track. When all those impediments were overcome, the recipient was finally able to read the message after a potentially long time of transport. Nobody could just pick up the phone and gave someone call, wrote him a SMS or an email. There was no such thing as telegraphy and no other way of submitting valuable information over longer distances in a short term. (p.t.o)

Phase X - Change is Chance - Part 3

(...) Today, we do have all these possibilities of exchanging within a few seconds, of organising worldwide. And quite a few examples show, that this led to quite a few subversions, especially in northern Africa. But it also showed, that this tool is very easily to be misused and that it is very, very powerful. This tool is even stronger, than any nuclear bomb, because it takes place globally and over a long period of time and reaches every place. Those revolutions in many northern African countries were possible, because at that time, the way they were started, yet still was unique. Never before such a big mass of people could be reached in such short time and with such high precision, without even being acquainted with at least some of them or even being close to them. This is why, the once in power before the interventions didn’t realise, what future they were going to meet within a short time. Many of them were very surprised, what actually happened thus being to sure of their own status quo. But as the web is a place of virtuality and any identity is easily copied, altered, manipulated, harmed etc., subversions in future will be much more difficult to handle. Leaders will know how to manipulate the process, will know how to mislead the masses and how to use the web for their own means. And, as you can see in Egypt or in the Ukraine, in the Iraq and in many, many other places, even if one system of injustice is defeated it is just being replaced by another. Even Eastern Germany is such a place under some concerns. People were promised “blooming landscapes”, freedom and wealth. And what did they get? Ghost towns, even whole ghost regions, a very high rate of unemployment, strong power of Fascists in wide areas and poverty in many senses compared to what they had before and compared to the average western German. Of course, the system beforehand was unbearable and very far from being optimal. But is that, what they got now, really that much better? They paid their price for narcistic desires of a greedy fat man nameed Helmut Kohl. We should have learned by now, shouldn’t we? But we didn’t seem to, at least not concerning the mainstream. Still there are many wars going on, still people are being executed in the so-called most modern country of the world, still US people believe in the principle ”an eye for an eye, and a tooth for a tooth”, being a society with the highest density of weapons, still many people, even many important people, try to sell world of black-and-white, of good and evil! And, contradicting the fact of social progression, even more and more people are falling back into the simple sight! (p.t.o)

Phase X - Music and Art - Part 4

(...) And this is, where artists, authors and musicians appear on the scene! And obviously, the base for it all lies in the love you feel for music or whatever they do. And another strong motive making music is to give something to the world, to turn it a tiny little bit better with what you do. I am not talking about the strictly commercial shit! Not about those, calculating every note for its success, who are in for the cash! I’m talking about persuaded, free and independent musicians and artists! It is us, to show up things going the wrong way. It is us, living freedom of speech and mind, it is us believing in creativity rather than dumb, stupid repetitive processes, it is us, preventing aggression, wars and a false simplification of facts. Each of us has got its own way to do so. Some are using the very personal path concerning human relationship in the smallest cells, others dedicate their music to peace and social, emotional development and another group is engaged by calling things by their name. If we all manage to aim into the same direction and if we don’t give up, we will make things happen, that would turn the world a better place. This will be a long process and never it will fulfill by force! A real change can only come from within society, by persuasion and not just by fashion or manipulation. I, and all those that are with me, I beware, that many call us naive, stupid dreamers or completely unrealistic. Don’t worry! It has always been like that! It was like that before slaves were liberated, it was like that, before women were emancipated, it was like that, before monarchies broke down and democracy arose! The majority of people fears any change much more, than any actual threat! This sounds weird, but is true! Only ones pressure gets too high, people start to be willing to accept a change! But we hope, that discernment will take place before pressure is getting too high and before we overstepped the red line! And we surely can, being optimistic, being persistent and being combined in our basic view! This text is dedicated to all the musicians, that believe music being much more than just a beautiful voice, catchy melody or a good product! It is dedicated to those, that have a strong inner motivation, attracted by their sense for melodies, rhythm, poems and improvisation. Creativity can’t be calculated, can’t be pressed into small narrow forms and is always an expression of a vivid, open and humanistic mind and personality. And this is exactly what our world needs. What we don’t need is greed, hate, elitist people and shit like that! We are much more than just the sum of our molecules, luckily…