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"Time Travel to the 1970s"!!

From about 1974 to 1980, I did a lot of spontaneous street photography and photojournalism. During 2009, I digatilized a number of these photos. You can view them at:



New Songs Now Uploaded

Hi. Got my five new songs up here on Reverbnation.com. You can also hear additonal songs at www.myspace.com/gaylemyrnamuzak. I have three music videos at www.youtube.com/lungsofdoom. Enjoy! GayleMyrna P.S. I will eventually upload the lyrics to these songs, as well.

Will be Uploading New Tunes...

I have five newer songs I've recently recorded, will be uploading them here once they are properly converted into mp3s. Meanwhile, if you want to hear my music, check me out on: www.myspace.com/gaylemyrnamuzak where I've reached my six song limit! Have lyrics and pix there to accompany each tune and also three videos uploaded. I also have a bio there with a bit of my history and a bunch of blog entries going back a ways... And thanks for taking a look at my very incomplete reverbnation webpage! GayleMyrna