Masters for new album done!!!!

From Joe Sims........ IT'S DONE!!!! I finished production and mastering for the new AXEMASTER album "Overture to Madness" and everything is off to Pure Steel Records. Really excited to hear what they have to say because I'm really happy with all the tunes and sounds, I think it came out great!!!!! I also found some VERY cool artwork for the cover, can't wait to see what the label does with it. It's so nice after all the LONG hours and hard work doing this over such a long period of time, to be finished with this part and be able to move on. Now the fun starts!!!!! Seeing the final product then getting it around, promoting the hell out of it, and getting the show on the road to let everyone see what Axemaster does live!!!!!! Thanks to everyone out there who helped and supported me through all the tough times on this project and helped keep me moving forward toward the ultimate goal that we have been able to reach!!!!!

New AXEMASTER band member and other news

After a successful show and great weekend overall at the Ragnarokkr Metal Apocolypse festival in Chicago last April, the band decided that a change was needed in order for Axemaster to best move forward. We are now proud to announce that Denny Archer (who played with the band at the festival) is now the permanent drummer of AXEMASTER. As mentioned in our previous press release, Denny and Joe Sims played together for a number of years in the late 90's with a very successful band called Reign, so they already have chemistry in both playing and writing together which has already proven to be very beneficial. Denny is highly experienced, an absolute professional, and a greatly respected world-class drummer who has played and/or recorded with a number of higher level projects. It's an honor to include him in the Axemaster family, his addition has already done and will continue to do a lot for the project in every way. Joe Sims said "I can't totally express how happy and excited I am that Denny decided to come on board for the long run. I have known him since we were little kids, we're like family! Actually, all the way around, this band has an AMAZING lineup. It's beyond great to be able to work with a group of guys who are not only outstanding musicians, but also professionals in every sense of the word and the best of friends. No egos, no drama, no problems; unless you have been in or worked closely with bands you have no idea how rare that is!!!!" Although a lot of work still needs to be done to finish the new Axemaster album "Overture to Madness", enough has been completed to allow us to submit material and begin talking to labels about its release. Quite a few have expressed interest, and the band is currently in negotiations with one in particular. We will go into more detail once there is more definite information. Although mixing and mastering each song takes quite a length of time to compete (due to several different factors), all the work is proving to be VERY worthwhile as we believe the most recently completed masters definitely have the sound quality necessary to be considered entirely professional. Lastly, as fate would have it, the album that Joe and Denny recorded with Reign (originally released independently in 1997) titled "Now and Forever" was recently re-released on CD by Divebomb/Tribunal Records. It's been re-mastered (much improved sound) and includes new killer artwork, vintage photos, song lyrics, and an interview with Joe. You can find more information about the disc at: http://tribunalrecords.bandcamp.com/album/now-forever. www.axemasterofficial,com www.facebook.com/axemasterofficial

New official website and radio interview

AXEMASTER would like to announce their new official website which is now online at www.axemasterofficial.com. The site currently contains a lot of information, music, pictures, and press articles, but more material is yet to come so we hope you will check back from time to time for updates!

The interview with Joe Sims and Geoff McGraw of AXEMASTER which was broadcasted on Aug. 22 on the MentalMetal radio show is now available for listening or download (link at bottom of the page) at http://thementalmetalshow.podomatic.com/entry/2013-08-23T10_03_45-07_00. It includes a lot of interesting topics and information, definitely worth a listen!!!!!

Compilation CDs

We just received our copies of the compilation CD we are featured on titled "Metallic Commandments Volume 1" as well as a copy of That's Metal magazine. We couldn't be happier with how professional they both are and thank them for including us! If you would be interested in purchasing a copy, you can find information at https://www.facebook.com/ThatsMetalMagazine?fref=ts

Help create a new AXEMASTER song!!!!

Over the last couple months Axemaster has been writing lyrics for the new album. The process has been going extremely well and over half the songs are finished. BUT NOW IS WHERE THE FANS COME IN!!!!!! In true metal fashion, Axemaster has decided to allow the community to participate in the band's songwriting process and help create one song for the new album.

We are starting a contest where fans submit ideas of a topic/concept the band could base lyrics around for one of the yet unfinished songs that will appear on the album. Submissions will be taken via e-mail (axemaster@axemasterofficial.com) or through the Axemaster Facebook page (http://www.facebook.com/axemasterofficial). The deadline is June 1, 2013, at which time the band will chose which topic they think would best fit one of the unfinished songs and be the most interesting to write lyrics about. We are looking for a subject (either detailed or more general) that shows creativity, originality, and is something METAL! The winner's name will be included in the liner notes of the new Axemaster album as well as in announcements throughout the internet, and will receive both a free copy of the new CD and a collectible limited edition release of "Blessing in the Skies" on disc (a promotional copy made by Burning Star Records that has never been available for sale).

Titles for the songs that have already been written include Forsaken, Statutes of Liberty, Thirty Pieces of Silver, Sanity's Requiem, Peeling Skin, Dream or Nightmare, Crimson Haze, and Sinister. So what would you like to hear a song about? Choose a topic (historical, sci-fi, the human condition..... whatever) and send it to us! We will accept up to 3 subject ideas per person.


AXEMASTER song from compilation now posted here

The band just received permission from That's Metal magazine to post their track which will appear on the compilation CD "Metallic Commandments - Volume 1", the song ("Bed of Nails"). is now posted here. Although many of you may have previously heard the version of the track that was formerly used briefly for promotion, it has since been partially re-recorded, totally re-mixed, and professionally mastered (the sound is now FAR superior to what it was). It's also the first (and currently only) AXEMASTER song available that features Geoff McGraw on vocals, so we hope you will give it a listen!!!!!

AXEMASTER to be featured on compilation CD

AXEMASTER is proud to announce that a new version of the band's track "Bed of Nails" (re-mixed, professionally mastered, and featuring Geoff McGraw on vocals) will be one of the songs included on the compilation CD titled "Metallic Commandments - Volume 1" which is being produced to help publicize the return of the German magazine "That's Metal". For complete information about the magazine and its re-launch, please see http://www.facebook.com/ThatsMetalMagazine. The section concerning the compilation is as follows........

As a special extra the crew of „That's METAL“ compiled an exclusive compilation called „Metallic Commandments – Volume 1“ that consists of ten songs, all of them were unreleased on CD before.

This CD (including a four page booklet, playing time: 47 minutes) is ONLY available with issue number 17 of „That's METAL“ magazine: STEEL PROPHET preview the song 'Trickery Of The Scourge' from their upcoming 'Omniscent' album, AXEMASTER recorded an exclusive new track called 'Bed Of Nails' and GOTHIC KNIGHT present 'Valley Of The Kings', one of the last recordings with their original singer Rick „Warlock“ Sanchez. Chicagos ION VEIN introduce their new vocalist Scott Featherstone (ENERTIA) with the song 'This Is Me' and the Finnish True Metal band TOMBSTONE provides their new song 'The Battle Of Kalascha' from their yet unreleased second album. Metal Funsters NASTY DISASTER demand: 'Don't Bust My Fucking Balls' while DAMMAJ and SKELATOR present two stunning live versions of their songs 'Leather Master' and 'Birth Of Steel'. (Former) ATTACKER members Lou Ciarlo and Mike Sabatini prove with their project UNIVERSITY OF LIFE and the song 'Invisible Dreams' that their singer Paul Taylor (Ex-ELIXIR) is the perfect choice for this kind of music and as an exclusive bonus there is also the track 'Messenger Of Death' from the legendary 1990 demotape of Chicagos LATENT FURY.

For only 10 Euros (plus postage – foreign orders please inquire) you can buy „That's METAL“ issue # 17 including the „Metallic Commandments – Volume 1“ CD through mailorders like underground-power.de. The mag will also be available at the official merchandise booth at „Keep It True“ Festival (19th/20th of April 2013 in Lauda-Koenigshofen).

The re-mixing and partial re-recording of "Bed of Nails" caused a slight delay with being able to work on the songs for the album, but things are now moving forward better than ever before. Although still a very slow process, the work on re-writing lyrics and mixing is going even better than expected. Joe Sims said: "I always had really high hopes for this album, but now with the totally killer job Geoff's doing with his writing and performance and with the production sounding the way it is, I think this is gonna turn out to be something very special". .

(In our photos is a JPEG of the section of the CD insert where Axemaster appears)

The band announces new vocalist

AXEMASTER would like to announce a change in the band's lineup; Geoff McGraw has replaced Tony Webster as their lead vocalist. Due to personal issues Tony was unable to do any work with the project for a significant length of time and had informed the band that he was unsure as to whether he would ever be able to continue. After allowing some time to see if the problems could be resolved, it became clear that a change was needed in order to be able to move forward with the band in general and the new album in particular. We all wish Tony the very best for the future and hope that he finds success in whatever path he chooses.

Enter new vocalist Geoff McGraw!!!! Geoff has been performing and singing since he was practically old enough to walk and at a young age developed a huge appetite for all things heavy metal. He has been a member of various local original bands across the state of Ohio for many years and is very much looking forward to working with Axemaster, saying: "I am honored and excited to be offered the opportunity to join Axemaster, and can't wait to help bring the new music to the world".

The band is extremely happy to have found a singer of Geoff's quality and plan to immediately begin working with him on writing and recording the vocals for the new album. Guitarist Joe Sims said: "From the very beginning I have been impressed with everything about Geoff. He's a talented singer who's voice fits PERFECTLY with what we do musically. Plus he's an excellent songwriter, has a great attitude, and is really easy to work with. It's the kind of unique combination you always hope to find in a singer, or any band member for that matter". His style has already been praised by a prominent European contact who heard Geoff's audition demo recording and said: "What I really think is important is: his voice matches perfectly with the band's dark riffs. Also I think his vocals sound quite unique which is also a great advantage. I think this will be well-received over here".

Also a longtime and avid guitar player, Geoff intends to attempt to double his duties within Axemaster and take on the 2nd guitar position as well. Once he finishes recording all the vocal tracks for the new album the band will seriously look into this possibility.

With all the right pieces in place and having overcome many obstacles, AXEMASTER now looks toward a bright future of finishing the release and putting the show on the road live!!!!!!

"Bed of Nails" information

Since the band has made it a point to take their time recording and producing the new album and it will still be a while before it's completed, they decided that in the meantime it's important for people to have the opportunity to hear what the current version of Axemaster sounds like together. As it turns out, a couple years ago Joe, Brian, and Jim re-recorded the music of an old Axemaster song that was originally released in 1989 ("Bed of Nails" from "Death Before Dishonor") for possible use in another project. That recording never ended up being used but the tracks were saved in the archives. So Joe completely re-mixed the bass and drums and re-recorded the guitar, Tony added the vocals and mastered it, and now the song is being offered to the public as a free download. Along with being a thank you to all the fans who have supported the band for many years, giving the song away will allow as many people as possible the chance to listen to a sample of the new Axemaster. So everyone is welcome and encouraged to share the MP3 in any way (forwarding it to other people, posting it on any websites, etc.). It would be very helpful and much appreciated!!!!!

"Bed of Nails" will NOT be on the new Axemaster release, it's being used just for promo (the album will include only new material). Also, the recording quality of the album will be better than the promo MP3 (although "Bed of Nails" is good demo quality). Information about the song is included below...........

Note - Joe Sims recorded all the guitar for this track with a broken left thumb. Anything for metal!


AXEMASTER "Bed of Nails"

Copyright 1989

Originally released in 1989 on the cassette "Death Before Dishonor" and re-released in 2002 on the CD "Death Before Dishonor" through Unisound Records

Music and Lyrics by Joe Sims

Produced by Joe Sims

Mastered by Tony Webster

Full-time bassist announced

The band is proud and happy to announce that Jim Curtis is now officially the full-time bassist of Axemaster. He's been a part of the new album project, but has now decided to commit to the band long-term. This is excellent all the way around because not only is Jim a world class bass player, but he's also a great person who's easy to work with.