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J. Megatron / Blog


J.Megatron is currently waiting his release on Amazon & i-Tunes of the critically acclaimed album, SHESUS.


SHESUS is an album that tells the story of the many loves I have had in my life and expresses the themes that seem to be representative of each (specific) relationship that we have. For every song that espouses biblical themes, there are an equal number of songs and references to the brutality of love and the indifference of life. SHESUS is progressive in scope, but center focused in content. Whether you and your lover share a special song, a special food, a special place or just have an ethereal connection that transcends verbal communication the connections have a place in each of our hearts. By putting them in to music, J.Megatron, I am attempting to connect with you.


I am in support with all protests that are currently happening in the USA that are non-violent anti-police brutality. That being stated, you can hear the ideas in the music and you also know from the titles of my albums, tracks and posts that I am socially conscious. This does not have to translate in to bad music necessarily, it also does not have to translate into a look that is lame and dry from being so anti-system and counterculture inspired. I hope that you can see the sexy, see that craft -experience my story and hear the passion-the dedication that I have put in my message and in my ideals that I am trying to get he listener to be riled to response.

Inspired by...

Whatever you use to inspire you, have you found a way to make it positive? I am practicing, learning or perfecting this action everyday. This week it is trying to find a way not to cause the drama that started last week to expand...

Support! Thank you ALL

Today, I was sitting down doing all I can to promote the music page and my sis asks me."hey, how do I get your app to work?" These are the moments that make an artist continue thru the b/s and muckery. I appreciate all of you

Currently, King Tekae of H8US Productions is working on CD covers for both Disc 1 & 2 of JaviAir Jordan




It is pure euphoria when it wants to be, but I have most recently learned a lesson. When a woman calls every OTHER woman a hoe...she probably is one herself!

A Woman's Worth

The entire universe and more. I lost the love of my life and it hurts so bad that I can barely move...Partially from the pain that has stricken ed my heart, partially from the shock of her cruel attitude. I am sorry that I lash out and get angry, but that is all that I have is the words that I speak- in terms of the power that I have.

I am powerless under the spell of her love!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Muhammad (PBUH) & mental diesease

Many of the men and women who have been, and still are in direct communication with Allah, are viewed by the general population to be deviant and perhaps even sick...but to be in another dimension mentally, and in this one physically, makes for a weird person!

The Power of People

As Jesus (PBUH) was being trotted through the Roman-ruled towns during his 'passion' or crucifixion, a woman afflicted by the disease of lepers, was said to have touched his cloak. Upon doing so, she was healed of her disease. Jesus (PBUH) told her that she was healed by her faith, not by him. So, if we manifest the reality that Allah wants, then we shall have it. We want exactly what Allah wants: that is food, shelter and happiness for our families and all. And we ask that our prosperity come NOT at the death or downfall of another. Yet when you talk to people, you can see that this simply is not possible. WHY? Because are under the auspice that this is Shaitan's realm, they do not think that we as ONE can overcome the devil's puppets aka the military, the entertainment and socio-educational institutions. The negatively reinforce Satan, the concept of a devil or evil itself is established in his name with is symbols.

So I ask you why, why can't we overcome these things if Jesus(PBUH ) walked on water and healed the sick. If Muhammad (PBUH) spoke to an angel and revealed truths abouth this planet, it's formation and how it operates as an illiterate man... If Tupac can overcome 5 shots, black made it through slavery, and women made it through westernization of the planet?