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For A Dark Skin Girl

I am excited to be a contributing Singer and Songwriter for the amazing TV Pilot in development, "For A Dark Skin Girl" written, directed and executive produced by the amazing Brigid Turner. To show your support head to http://foradarkskingirl.com/

Stomping Grounds

For those of you who dont know, I am from Brooklyn,...people call my neighborhood Prospect Lefferts Gardens but back in the day it was called CrownBush (because it separated Flatbush and Crown Heights). But you all know how gentrification goes.....

In all my years of singing I have never once performed in the neighborhood I grew up in... But all that is about to change! I am so excited to have talked myself into a gig @ Delroys Cafe on Fenimore and Flatbush. Now this gig isnt for a while (it will be during the 1st week of December ) But I am excited at the thought of performing for the people and the neighborhood that helped shape me and where I have so many memories.

I feel like a kid waiting for a trip to Disney :)

I just want to say Thank You eXonda for stating the obvious...

No I'm not being sarcastic. I owe her a big one for pointing out a career move that I should have made a looooong time ago.

Work with Udi on a new album. Duh!

I have been developing new songs over the past couple of years and have even reworked (with Udi) some of the arrangements of my older songs. When I perform it has been with an acoustic intimate feel and I like the way it has been going. Why it didn't occur to me to ask Udi if he wanted to do an album together... I don't know.. but Thanks Ex for pointing out that I should, because that's what I'm doing. And I'm going to document the process along the way, from brainstorming to pre-production, Recording to performance. i'm so excited!!!

Check out my home girl eXonda!: www.reverbnation.com/exonda

Soooo.... What about my hair?

Okay, my husband came out and said it... AND I QUOTE "I don't like your hair like that"...... What?!? for years he has been begging me to cut it all off. And when I finally do, he doesn't like it?!? the nerve..... Yet and still if I had to admit it out loud (not to HIM) I miss my weave.. so I ask a few friends and got very mixed reviews from "I love it" to "its not my favorite look on you" hmmmmm, not good.

People, I think it's time for me to switch it up and find a new-do!