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When Motorhead died...

December 2015, first Phil Taylor and a few weeks later Lemmy...dead. I just can't wrap my head around this. I was one of those kids that wore a Motorhead patch on the back of my cut-off jean jacket and fully embraced the heavy metal lifestyle which Motorhead was the flagship and Lemmy was the CEO of.

I remember a day back in 1980 like it was yesterday when I had recently purchased the "Ace of spades" album and didn't particularly like the music but the cover was the most bad ass thing I'd ever seen. So when the "Blizzard of oz" tour rolled into town with guests "Iron Maiden" (with original singer Paul Diano) and "Motorhead" (tickets were about 8 bucks and the venue was the Kerrisdale arena, a 2000 seat hockey rink on the west side of Vancouver) I had to be there.

I went with a buddy, sporting my newly aquired denim Motorhead vest and black muddy boots, it was a weekend night and we were young and on top of the world. We got there about 4 hours early and had some time to kill so we hung out behind the rink were there was a soccer field and noticed all the trucks and buses parked there and a soccer match going on.

So we sat on the grass as the sun started to set and smoked a cigarrette watching these guys play and soon realized it was the 3 bands and their road crews playing! We were blown away!

A short while later a tall rough looking guy with an english accent and the skinniest little dude I'd ever seen in my life came over and borrowed a light off my friend and chatted with us for a few moments about what a beautiful city Vancouver is and then they strolled off.

Now keep in mind that back in 1980 "Blizzard of oz" was the only band of the 3 that night that anyone had even remotely heard of because it was Ozzy's band but no one had really ever heard of Randy Rhodes or Iron Maiden or Motorhead, they were brand new back then, so as we sat there it suddenly dawned on us that those two guys that we just chatted with were none other than Lemmy Kilmister and Randy Rhodes!

Lemmy never knew this but he helped form the person I am today, an honest man with conviction in everything he commits to and I will be forever indebted to him. Thank you brother, you're gone but will never be forgotten, R.I.P.