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Skinsman Claims He "Doesn't" Have The Blues!

What might have been best overlooked, main streem media reports drummer Squid Swayzlee whisper that he DOESN"T have the blues at this particular time. Swayzlee also mumbled he could possibly entitle his new solo release I Don't Have The Blues coming out in 2018. Let's wait and see.

Squid: BEATLES WERE ALIENS !!! HAS PROOF !!! ...In HOT water once again

An AP London press release this morning is claiming Sir Squid Swayzlee surf "skinsman" for the beloved Ampfibians announced he has proof British rock legends The Beatles were aliens from another planet. He told reporters to "Get off my back..I'll tell you when I'm ready"

Brothers Swag and Slug remain Hush-Hush to these claims.

"This isn't the first time Swayzlee has made exaggerated statements but Squid is convinced it's true" this reporter was told by someone.

Alien Star Chart Discovered by Barber

While trimming the remaining hairs of AmpFibians drummer Squid Swayzlee, Local hair stylist Spanky LaRue discovered what is believed to be linked to an unknown galaxy, mysteriously tattooed on the back of Swayzlee's head!

"I just thought it was unusual at first until I looked closer and noticed symbols with crazy markings..I'd thought I'd seen it all until this!" stated la Rue

Apparently Swayzlee had no idea this chart was on his head but you can be sure he'll find out why.

Carnivore Beast prefer Veggies

A recent study concludes Vegetarians are actually the preferred snack of blood thirsty carnivores. These fanged devourers would rather have their bellies full of soft succulent vegetarian delites than a slim jim Big Mac baloney loaf. Hikers have witnessed this phenom first hand, claiming 9 to 1, the vegetarian hikers have always been the first choice on the menu. Park Ranger,Cliff Clinger stated recently " I'll be darned !"

Greetings to All

The AmpFibians have emerged from the ooze they call home..They will soon flourish in The Sea of Reverb!!! Check Back Soon!!!

...IPhone Unearthed in Tomb of King Tut..

Scientists and historians alike are scratching their heads in disbelief after archaeologists near the Nile River basin, dug up what appears to be an IPhone in a newly discovered chamber of King Tuts buriel site.

"That was the last ting I expected" replied Chief Digmaster Fontain Rutherford who hails from Kingston, Jamaica. "Who would believe the technology let alone the IPhone was available that long ago...Not me Mon!"..."That's why Fontain love this job Mon" Rutherford added. The iphone was one of a number of items discovered in a secret "cubby hole" underneath a golden flamingo sarcoffigus, over- looked for centuries . This could be the rarest treasure ever discovered to this day. "This finding will set back our way of tinking to square one" "No one believed the Egyptians could harness this technology, but this will prove it Mon" Rutherford shouted as he boarded a private plane.

Greetings to All

The AmpFibians have emerged from the ooze they call home. As all can imagine, within a short amount of time.... This metamorphis will take place, and will allow them to flourish in The Sea Of Reverb!!! Check back soon!!!