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Ps 66:17-20 Our lack and success is related to prayer. With out it our walk becomes dry and frustrated, and our thoughts twisted and filled with others perceptions and teachings instead of heart to heart relationship with our LIVING GOD! James 4:1-3 We have not either because we don’t ask or because of wrong motive. The tragedy here is not unanswered prayer but unoffered and un-persistent prayer. Prayer prepares us for what is next, for the right moment, prayer is training us and will set you apart from the world, and will make you victorious in times of war. Just ask my Vwoosies…. Prayer guarantees success and rich intimacy with our Father! Acts 2:42 THIS IS WHAT WE ARE DOING!!!! You should be excited! They devoted themselves to prayer! Steadfastly! steadfastly- firmly fixed in place : immovable NOT CHANGING! Even Jesus prepared himself through prayer! Lets look at a few examples Mat 14:23 by himself- intimacy with God!!! Prayer is IN-TO-ME-SEE Jesus THE SON OF GOD needed one on one with the Father, how much more do we? Mat 26:36-46 He agonized before the Father and spent time in prayer to prepare Him self for the crucifixion, **** Sometimes it takes JUST you and God! Just as Jesus could not rely on his disciples fully for strength we can not rely on prayers of others, agreement is NEEDED 10-1000!!! But alone one on one relationship and intimacy with HIM IS A MUST! Again if Christ himself needed to draw strength from that then how much more do we? Luke 6:12 it was prayer that Jesus went to for preparation for good works, Luke 9:28 Again talking to God! Mt 17: 1 again time with God then in 14-20, but by prayer and fasting, Prayer exercises and strengthens our Faith! And we just read what a tiny bit of Faith can do!!! We are to not only read and meditate on Gods proven track record in His word, but when your Faith grows BY PRAYER you start to have your very own records of Him giving you victory time and time again. What are some of the prayers HE has answered just in the short time since we have started? Prayer is NOT HARD, it’s not religious, IT IS RELATIONSHIP! Jesus taught that in Luke 11: Jesus spoke plainly, like a son talking to a Father. Look closer at this example Luke 11:1-3 an example of PRAISE and thankfulness * Luke 11: 4 Forgiveness * 5-10 Persistence * 11-13 as a child, I am a Daddy's Girl!!! CAMP STORIES…. Jesus gave us a model for prayer, He did it as often as possible! His corporate prayer was prepared by his personal time! His strength came from intimate alone time with God! Make personal time with your FATHER! Church is not private time with HIM! I would never go on a date in public with my husband and have sex on the restaurant table while waiting on our food! Intimacy is NECESSARY, GUYS can I get an AMEN!? Intimacy is really getting close and letting go when it is just HIM and YOU! Jesus was also saying talk to Him like a Father, like Family! Be persistent!! Persistent Prayer equals Consistent Results! Finally just as a child whether it’s a (lift hands) “ Daddy hold me Moment” a “ kiss my knee”, or even a “ Daddy hold my Heart” moment! But my favorite is the fun dance and get crazy moments like when Shake by Mercy Me comes on the Radio! intimacy - the state of being intimate. a close, familiar, and usually affectionate or loving personal relationship a close association with or detailed knowledge or deep understanding of an act or expression serving as a token of familiarity, affection, or the like: to allow the intimacy of using first names. Romans 8:15 and by HIM we call out Abba Father, DADDY GOD! an amorously familiar act; liberty. PRAISE AND WORSHIP!!! It is all connected and it all begins with Prayer! There are so many things we will miss if we do not pray, so I encourage you be intimate with our LIVING GOD! There is NO BETTER LOVER, NO BETTER BROTHER, NO BETTER FRIEND, NO BETTER FATHER than THE MOST HIGH!!!!! Feb 19 2014 Katie Peltier LLC

Who will you Eulogize today???

My Pastor from home always taught so beautifully and today I am reminded how after many funerals and memorial services he taught how he felt it was better to give loved ones eulogy while they were still living. Don't ever assume someone knows their worth, and don't take the time for granted that you have right now to tell them! In my stride to choose a life style of love and loving others, Today, no.. EVERYDAY I want to actively choose to give a loved one eulogy. I want to tell them how much I love them, how thankful I am to have them in my life and to always be open to show the encouragement that God places on my heart for them! Although beautiful a rightly spoken eulogy is in remembrance, it is even better when the ones we love are PRESENT! Who will YOU Eulogize today? 1 Thes 5:11 So encourage each other and build each other up, just as you are already doing

Big Miracles Come From Small Prayers...

When I was about six weeks old my Mother fought HARD to take care of us, she was married to my Father who was and still is an alcoholic and drug addict. (We are believing for his Salvation) She came home from work one day to find him feeding me alcohol in my bottle and getting me high by giving me shotguns of marijuanna, again I was six weeks old and he was keeping me intoxicated so I would not cry because there was no formula in the house, he was abusive and beat Mom even while she carried me. We were living in TX and there was a construction crew who worked nearby and could hear the beatings daily and eventually offered in their own way to take his life to protect us, instead Mom asked for bus fare for a trip back home to her Parents for protection and to start a new life. So they took up money to send us home. On that Greyhound there was a family, a spirit filled African American Christian family, and without knowing Mamas situation, and not needing to know, they took care of me all the way home and gave my Mamma the rest her body needed. While she slept they prayed in the Spirit and sang in the Spirit over me and played with me all the way back from TX to TN. I wonder sometimes about the seed planted in me that day, and I often ask God if that is where my soul in my gifting comes from, or maybe my passion for it at the least. who knows? That could have been one of the first beautiful soothing sounds I could have ever heard. I do know this, even then God had a plan to save us from harm, to prosper us, to keep us from the enemy, and lead us into the purpose of our lives. I often think one day when I go to Heaven, that family will be waiting and I will throw my arms around them and thank them for showing us the love of Christ and praying over me that long trip home. Thank God for the Big Miracle that came from such a small act of Christ's Love