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So... I come into 2013 with a what I will call a successful 2012. During the past year, I've played 100 solo shows, maybe another 100 more backing up people or playing in groups.

I've done this all over the eastern half of the U.S. and went to Europe for a 10 day run in November.

During 2012, I met Johnny Garcia, guitarist for Tricia Yearwood and Garth Brooks. He's also a producer and a great guy who helped me record three song. The music we made with Steve Mackey (Dolly Parton, India.Arie, etc) on bass and Nick Buda (Taylor Swift, Lionel Richie, etc) on drums is truly a physical representation of things I hear in my head.

The process and product have made me a better musician and person... I'm truly grateful to have had this experience, and to have something really cool to show for it.

January 9th of 2012, I moved to a magical musical paradise called Music City Hostel in Nashville. For the past year, when in Nashville, I've lived and worked with people from all over the world who were traveling, searching, living... and a lot of them were playing music.

I've met thousands of people in the past year. Most of them totally awesome. I've acquired 400 facebook friends in 2012 that represent the best of them.

Life is good and getting better.

With the beginning of 2013, I'm taking a little Winter siesta. I'll play a show or two a week (except for a short stint to Savannah, Ga and back at the end of January). I'm going to sit a lot, think a lot, write as much as the cosmos will let me, and hopefully come out blazing in March when I plan on recording three more tracks to complete a full EP that I will spend every molecule of energy, spirit, and my soul to share it with as many people as possible.

I love you all for reading this far... I love anyone who started it and didn't get here... There is literally no way I can do this alone, so having you helps.

Love, Tim