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I'd like to be a currywurst, amen!

Puppets save the world!

our contribution to save the world: http://youtu.be/aaEU1-On9dA

New Video!

Hold Your Head High-Video out now! enjoy, have fun & spread the word! http://youtu.be/qyYZGdDhvg0


Start today: The Rocking Puppets TWITTER! https://twitter.com/The_Hendersongs

Hendersongs Next Video!

Rocking Puppets Next Hit! Obsession, love, a spy and his secret room... The weird world of The Hendersongs! Happy Xmas! http://youtu.be/ZeViYz57Lwc

Hendersongs LOVE

New songs are ready for the world! Listen to our latest tunes, also available with our 'LOVE"-CD. visit our shop.

Hendersongs 1st Anniversary

One year ago the Rocking Puppets came to live and the first video was uploaded to YouTube. To celebrate the first anniversary a new video is presented to the waiting public today: http://youtu.be/qOxfoePOqx0

new video on

the 'crying'-video is on youtube. listen to the crying puppets: http://youtu.be/6Am8QGHLvIo


Visit and follow us on soundcloud: http://soundcloud.com/thehendersongs

4th round makeastar

here we go again! now in the 4th round... we thank you for your support till now but it is not over. please vote for the rocking puppets to get to the final. the round ends at 23.Jan.12!