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2015 update

Well, 2014 was busy with a bunch of cruise ship solo bill paying gigs but we're in a new year now and it's time to get a band back on the road. I'm currently working on setting up shows in Europe for The Chris Hargrave Band, although I'm heading to Norway on January the 16th for a couple of gigs with my old bass playing chum Rod Kennard at Dickens Pub in Drammen. The following weekend I'm solo at Boondocks Hideout in Tonsberg before I head off to the States with Jon Petter Westerlund for the last two weeks of February. I hope to see you along the way, and check back here from time to time for updates on forthcoming band gigs.....

The Norwegian Sessions

Hi folks...it's official, my collection of tunes called The Norwegian Sessions is now officially available on iTunes, Amazon, and a host of other on line retailers...chose your preferred option and download

Notes from the road

Current run of solo stuff in Italy has been extended so I'll be here a couple more weeks, and then it's back home and a nice run of band gigs up to the new year and beyond....