one year since the tragedy


today is a special day for us japanese.

one year has passed, since the terrible disaster which had devastated north east areas of japan.

we have been suffering, felt guilt against being alive.

but now, people overcome the grief and the reconstruction efforts in solidarity phenomenal will continue...

...and definitely the great power that has helped us is the support from all over the world. we all must not forget it towards the future. and must be prepared to support back for the disaster that may occur at any time, to anyone, anywhere in the world.

revenge brings a war. gratitude brings peace. i believe something new born in process of an unfortunate experience.

today, many thanks to the world - katzy

"Equilibrium" finally got 1st place!!

my recent album got 3rd place in weekly HR/HM top100 at web downloads site in Finland, i said before... today, its track "Equilibrium" finally got 1st place!! thank you all the people for supporting!!!


new album 3rd place in weekly metal top100♪

http://meteli.net/downloads/listat/metal?d=35/2011 for 2 weeks!(music web store in finland) i'm so happy to hear that from my friend♪ last year my 1st work got 1st place, that was the greatest surprise in my life because i was unknown to anyone even in Japan(still i am, haha♪). i know it's happened by not only sales but also page-view & trial listening. how mysterious i am! anyway, i'd like to say deeply thanks to people! that's why i start to make myself open. but i can't yet find people whom i should say to... when i get bigger and easy person to be searched for, i'll show them my great thanks. till then, i keep on trying to create good songs!!