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I am in a mood to make a new song

Actually I wrote it already. But it has no title yet.

How’do I change this year?

After singing in front of more than a thousand of people on Christmas Eve, I am surprised to find that I have changed a lot for two years. I am more flexible than I thought. I am surrounded by influential, talented , creative people. Some kindergarteners change very quickly after learning, but I am not so bad.

make people happy

I will perform several Christmas Carols in choir during next month. It's first time for me to sing Carols for children, families and people who gather to celebrate Christmas. It makes me very happy. My favorite one is Carol to Bells.

Root of my interest

Now I play in jazz combo and sing in cathedral choir at church. I also take choral repertoire class at university. Then I find the answer for my long- term question. Where the technique of jazz came from? In Renaissance, composers used interval, chromatic, polyrhythm, ascending and descending. In medieval, vocalist singed improvising on very simple music notation. It’s curious what I play is all came from music history.

This Summer

Some of my friends are traveling to foreign countries during summer and posting beautiful photos through social media. But What makes me happy is staying inside the state and interacting with children through teaching music. Every minute I feel astonishment when I see how quick and flexible learner they are.

Let's begin a new thing.

In my combo at school, two freshman sax players joined. My teacher assigned me arrangement of 3 horn harmony. Today I brought my new arrangement of Straight No Chaser. It sounded exactly what I expected and pretty. I am proud of me.

Today I had a little X'mas present

I was invited to the high school of the Arts again on the last rehearsal day for the concert. They sang same songs as I listened to two month ago. But today they sang very professionally, which made me surprised. I felt like receiving a X'mas present.

It's thrilling to conduct a choir

This Thursday, I conduct a large choir for a first time. It is unusual experience like flying in space rocket. Wow. My fingers and arms are connected with many voices. It was similar to my experience few years ago, in which I played 1 st alto sax in Latin big band.We played an original piece of genius but unknown Venezuelan composer. Different instrument sections continuously harmonized to the melody of 1 st alto and left. So I felt as if I was walking on the street and people in the town spoke to me continuously, and my conversation never stopped.

Why their voice is so moving?

Last week I was invited to a music theater class at a performing arts in Los Angeles. There high school students sang advance songs easily. They sang Hymns , harmonized in major seventh. Then two parts sang a holiday song, and at the same time two parts sang a different song in low voice. But like middle school students they couldn't sit quietly, often looked somewhere else and chatted with next peers. They had emotional vibe which made sound really moving. I felt as if I stepped into Alice in Wonderland.

When hair turns to dark brown

I am staying in north east LA now. Huge asian grocery store is five minutes from my house, where I can get any Japanese vegetable. Last week I catch a cold because I contact with many kids. I make a hot soup with much vegetable. I am sick, but become very healthy. I find my hair turns from dry brown to dark brown. :)