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Click on this link: http://www.reverbnation.com/tunepak/3574352 to listen to full-length tracks off our debut album, "This Blessed Fight."

98 Rock's "Wet Paint"

After A Thousand made it on the radio last night on the show "Wet Paint" featured on 98 Rock. Thanks to everyone who listened and posted comments!

Kickstarter Update

Update #2: The Cup is Half Full!

We're up to $265! Keep up the good work, and let everyone know!


Thanks so much!


Big Opportunity Coming Soon!

Ever wonder how you can help After A Thousand get their message out? Your big opportunity is just around the corner!

Starting Monday, August 1, you will have a chance to help us towards our goal of finalizing and publishing our first studio album! We have been hard at work for almost a year recording and producing the album, and we're so excited about finally being able to release it! However, there have been plenty of bumps along the way and, as with anything, not much can be done without money! So we're turning to you, our supporters, to help us make this major milestone in the life of the band a reality!

Beginning Monday, you will be able to make a donation towards our goal of $500 on Kickstarter.com. With each donation, we move one step closer to being able to make this thing happen! However, if we don't reach our goal, we don't get the money :-( So, we need your help! But wait, there's more... For different levels of donations, you will be eligible for certain incentives, like autographed photos and even specialized CD packages!

So, what are you waiting for? Make sure you're following AAT on Facebook (facebook.com/afterathousand), Twitter (twitter.com/afterathousand), or by joining our mailing list (http://eepurl.com/eQ-8w) so that you can find out how to be a part of the kickstarter.com campaign!

There are other ways to help, too! You can visit our website (http://tiny.cc/afterathousand) where you can find out more about us. You can also pre-order a copy of the CD (physical or digital) by following the link on the front page of the website. We also believe in the power of prayer, and we hope that you do too. Please keep us as a band, and as individuals, in your prayers as we move through the next phase of this journey!

New Song!

Hey guys we have a new original recorded! Check out "Nothing Can Separate" on the player.

Glory Days

St. Paul's is hosting a two day festival on September 13 and 14 that will consist of games, food, and live music on Saturday evening starting at 4:00 and conclude with a joint morning worship in the sanctuary on Sunday morning at 10 am. We are encouraging people to use this as an opportunity to invite their friends and family who have never been to our chruch.

Album Titles

As if we had enough original songs to put out a full album, we're always thinking of new and catchy album titles that we could use. Here's our top 3 so far:

Twinkle & Cramp (a la U2) Aluminum Foil Overload An Egg and a Tune (courtesy of L-Train)

What suggestions do you have? We'd love to hear them. And, as you can tell, nothing is too crazy or extraordinary!

After A Thousand

Everyone sign up and support us! Hope to see you all here!