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More Gain!!!!

If you're like me you want to play as loud as you can & hit that zone where you reach Nirvana in your sound and no, I'm not talking about the band!! I'm talking about that place that gives you the warm fuzzies and makes you reach out for the next level of achievement! If that's what you strive for then here's another weapon in your arsenal. Working with my amp tech, Ron Veil, owner of Uncle Spot Amps, he discovered by disabling one of the channels of your Fender Blackface amp, it gives you a 15% overall gain. One of my vintage amps is a 1965 40 watt Pro Reverb 2x12 and it really gave it a noticable boost to the gain. Try it, it really works! This is just one more little known tricks that slowly adds up to creating your own sound. You may consult your own tech or send Ron an email at www.unclespot.com.

SRV Ride

The Stevie Ray Vaughan ride & concert is coming up on Oct. 7th in Dallas. It benefits the SRV foundation which supplies musical instruments to underprivileged kids. Just Google, "SRV Ride" for details.

Acoustic Guitars

I recently got my hands on a '72 Gibson SJ Deluxe. It's perhaps one of the best sounding dreadnought guitars I've ever heard. If you have a chance, check them out.

New SRV Biography

I just got Craig Hopkins new book, SRV-The Final Years. It's a good read and several of my recollections of my days hanging with Stevie are in it including my story of when Stevie ask me to play bass on a few tunes for "Family Style". [less]

SRV-The Final Years

If you have a chance, check out Craig Hopkins new book, SRV-The Final Years & check out my interview on my time I spent with Stevie the last 2 1/2 years of his life! Craig has spent 18 years researching Stevie Ray's life from those who knew him best.

Happy New Year

Wishing all of you a very happy, healthy, and successful 2012. Take control of your efforts and turn them into gold.

Christmas Stocking Stuffer!!

A digital download of our music would be a great gift idea!! Our bandcamp is imbedded in our Facebook page. You get get the dowload there.

Dayton, OH 11/5/11

Some of us are in Dayton this weekend to check out a cool "reunion" show. You would like it. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100000230756993

Thank you fans!!

We want to thank all of you who have joined the tribe. The numbers are growing so fast! The band will be out playing soon, and we want to see and meet all of you. In the mean time tell a friend to check out our website http://www.amongstourtribe.com/

Working Man Blues

I know bands try and make themselves look bigger than life but that's not the way we roll! Truth is, I'm an over the road CDL truck driver. I've also worked in the oil patch as a roustabout , all in my 50's! I'm just a workin' stiff just line anyone else! Today I went and checked tire prices for my pickup and they've just about doubled! It really pissed me off. Have your wages doubled? Mine haven't! This is a slow blues I wrote for the Workin' Man. Check it out on our Reverbnation page