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Weekend Assignment

Relax, unwind and go see some live music! Help keep your local music scene alive.

Email address please!!

If you have not done so, go to our website or reverbnation page, or band page on the facebook page and leave us your email address. We do not want you to miss anything!


Check our music out on Last.fm http://www.last.fm/music/Amongst+Our+Tribe/Amongst+the+Tribe

Message from Liam

I wrote a song called SJ on this album honoring the love between my dear friend Stevie Ray Vaughan and his fiancé Janna. I wrote the music in the spirit of a song Stevie might have written for her had he lived. It is track 5 and will be our single off of this record. Please let me know what you think. It is a true love song!

Weekend task

Relax, unwind, and spread a little good karma. You will know when you do it.

Planet Texas Interview tonight

Final reminder to tune your computer to http://www.planettexas.net/ around 8PM CST to hear Liam Alford from Amongst Our tribe discuss the band, the songs, and other cool things.

New internet radio interview

Liam will be live on the internet 9-14-11 at about 8:30PM. You will not want to miss him talking about the band, and the songs! Here is a link to the station http://1radio.org/refer/?ID=2787c8cf

We are doing more of these in the near future. Send us your email so we can keep you updated on all these events!

Fan email needed

Hey guys. Swing around to our Reverbnation page and fill give us your email address! We need that to send you neat stuff and let you know where we are playing.

Have a great weekend!

Liam is home with his family in Texas, Levy is working hard in the blues around Sonoma this weekend. You can here some Amongst Our Tribe music tonight at http://www.krsh.com/pages/7155018.php Jim Cassero's American Garage program. Check it out.


Liam is back home in Texas for a short time. Hoping to find the time to practice and jot a few songs down.