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Updates on Becoming Machine

First off I want to say thanks to everyone that has joined the fan site, joined the email list and street team, and has liked us on Facebook! Appreciate all of the love. I honestly had no idea when we promoted through FB tht we would have such a wide spread net being thrown out. We had hits in Denmark, India, Thailand, Argentina, and Brazil just to name a few. Not to mention several new fans here in the states. Music seems to be a "universal" language. Don't want to sound too cliche, but I thought for an upstart indie hard rock/metal band from Jacksonville Fl to reach all the way around the globe with a very small campaign was pretty damn cool. Social media networking has revolutionized the way artists can extend to alternate markets and share their craft with the masses. What a day and age we live in.

Post Recording Update

So for the last few weeks we have been pushing hard to get these tracks recorded. Wormwood Labs has been a great studio and we are all incredibly happy with the way things have been going. So much so in fact we are likely going to be recording again before the end of this year with material that wasn't ready for the first pressing.

With the first new material from the band being released later this month, we are starting to line up photo shoots, and edit together material for the CD sleeves. Merch is right around the corner. Shows will start to pick up around the end of November beginning of December if we stay on track.

Can't wait to start getting up in front of the fans again.

BM-1126 -Resist Assimilation

Recording October 1st - Nerves 9_18

First time that we have been in the studio together with the new line up. I personally am excited to be a part of this group. It has been years since I have had the pleasure of sharing the studio with anyone. I feel that the newest material that we are working on is fantastic and is worth getting excited about. I certainly hope that everyone enjoys listening to it as much as we are having fun writing it. With the music finally recorded we can begin the flooding of our demo in Jacksonville.

More to come! - Chris