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New Video "Smokin' On A Blunt."

Hey everybody, hope y'all are doing well.

We just finished our latest music video for "Smokin' On A Blunt." A lot of people helped out with the project and I can't thank them enough.

Check it out on my page, Youtube, or Facebook.

MORE videos are on the way. Take care out there & have a good Monday,


http://www.facebook.com/quanchi719 http://www.youtube.com/quanchi719

New Song + FREE Download = Happy 2016

Hey y'all, congratulations on making it through 2015! Good times, hard times, and time to grow. Here's my new song "Lollygag," dedicated to the people who hate to wait. Look out for the remix featuring Malice Black soon.

Thank you all for rocking out with me. Videos and more songs to come in 2016. Stay safe & take care, (((Q)))

"Black & Green"

Hey everybody, hope y'all are doing alright. I've been under the radar working on project almost ready to release: Black & Green A 30+ 2-Disc Album compilation of some of the works I have done/produced over the years. It will feature many of the songs on my "reverbnation" page and several others that are not. ALL of the songs are produced by me. I am steadily getting graphics done, like the ones I will be posting on my page. Once everything is finished, I'll update with a release date. Stay tuned, more to come, and take care. (((Q)))

NEW Song + FREE download

Hey everybody, hope y'all are well. After many computer glitches and hard drive failures, I present my NEW SONG "Shake It Off." It is about letting off steam & being yourself. Feel free to download & share. Take care y'all, have a great weekend, and don't let "Fall" get the best of you (I almost did).

New Song "Puff"

"Responsibility builds a positive response."

Hope everyone is doing well. It is no secret that Colorado is pushing the envelope when it comes to legalization of Marijuana. I know people have very strong opinions both ways about this subject. The fact of the matter is that it's happening right now and how we (as Coloradans) handle this will carve a path for the rest of the country.

Just like alcohol, BE RESPONSIBLE...and on that note, check out my NEW song featuring Malice Black titled "Puff."

Anyways, take care out there everyone. Thank you for reading & listening. More music coming. (((Q)))

FIAT® Band Prix

Hey y'all, hope everyone's staying warm.

One of our songs, "My Drank," has just been entered in the "FIAT® Band Prix" for a chance to appear on VH1's Top 20 Countdown LIVE.

PLEASE, download the song for FREE at: http://reverbnation.com/contests/2412/artist/1909527

Every download counts as a vote. Thank you all for your time & take care. (((Q)))

Hot Summer

Hey everybody. Summer IS finally here: all shorts, sun, & fun. To kick off summer, we are doing a show June 14th @ Maxi's Lounge (Double Tree Hotel). We have another show on June 28th @ The Speak Easy Vape Lounge.


Fresh music to go along with any "garden."

Thank you all for stopping by & reading. Take care, (((Q)))


Thank You to EVERYONE who stopped by, listened, watched, talked, and downloaded us. We all appreciate it to the fullest. Things are already changing for the new year. Keep on the look out and thank you for your support. Have a great day, (((Q)))


Hey everybody.

I am steadily flooding YouTube with music/videos straight from the 719. Peep'em out at:


Thanks for stopping through, (((Q)))