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The Lions Lair Review from Denver Mike Music

What a Night "The World Famous Johnsons" Along with "Driven by Turmoil"

With all the bands that I see and the places I go sometimes it amazes me that there is as much out there that I haven’t been or seen. Take Saturday night. Probably every Rocker friend that I have has either drank or played at Lions Lair. I hadn’t been there yet and we had to look for the hole in the wall but it was well worth it. To call the place a dive would be an understatement, but really most places on East Colfax are. The walls are covered with graffiti and Stickers from the bands that have played the room, making the place wallpapered with history. The other side of the room is grungy wood paneling stained by years of smoke with the occasional Black Velvet painting. While the Lions Lair might hold 100-150 people the bar sits dead center of the room cutting the place in half and taking up a lot of room. Saturday night there may have been 75 people in the room and one very very harried bartender. Every time I looked at her she had the deer in the headlights look of panic. We were there for almost 4 hours and I was only able to get her attention for 3 beers. If you picture in your mind what a 70s punk rock bar should look and feel like check the Lions Lair out, that picture will come to life right before your eyes. Littleton Colorado really isn’t a hot bed for heavy metal music but once in a while someone slips out that is worth listening to. Driven by Turmoil is one of those bands. They say that they are looking for a lead singer and might be considered a work in progress but I really don’t think they need one. The vocals that are there totally rock and everything else is really good melodic instrumental hard rock. Just a bit harder, faster than Steve Vai or Yngwie Malmsteen. Cool sounding hard rock that I hope to hear again soon. For the main event (for me, there was one more band but I couldn’t stay) was The World Famous Johnsons. If you have seen or heard The Dead Bones you know most of the guys in The Johnsons. The only one missing is Damion. At the same time they picked up Julian on guitar that along with Shane gives them that heavy duel guitar sound and along with Lionel on drums, Scotty on Bass, and Matt on Vocals gives them more of a mainstream, radio friendly sound than Dead Bones. Saturday was a special night for The World Famous Johnsons, it was Scotties first gig with them and the release party for their new CD “Beautiful music from ugly places”, stay tuned for that review boys and girls. Also it was the first time that Sunshine Baby had been played live. Listening to Rock-n-Roll, especially this kind of Rock at a place with the feel of the Lions Lair is beyond a good time. It’s what Rock used to be like, and how it should be, Gritty, Rough, a Sweaty Punch in the chest. Slamming their way through the new album with the resulting Sonic Boom was a breath of Stale Beer and Sweaty Leather Air. The end of the set was jammed with friends on stage and a few covers that everyone in the crowed knew. From Julians old band Dogs of Pleasure they covered “She beatin happy” listening to that one song makes me wonder what happened to that band cause it was wicked good. By the time they got to “Sick Bubblegum” there were so many people on stage that no one could really move around, along with the band, Damion Alexander was up along with Chris Chamberlin, there were mic’s in the crowd and no one wanted it to end. And by the way? I much prefer the Johnsons version of Bubbklygum to the original. Cheers