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Recording begins 6/16 on the new album.

So, I start recording on Saturday the 16th at Moo PigFace studios. I've recorded there before and I'm excited to get back there and work with those guys. Myself, Mike Blanc, Bill Holden, and Kenny Bethel will be the primary musicians on the album... but there are some great musicians making guest appearances as well. I'll post that info as we go... The first recording session will primarily be based around the song... There Are No Zombies in North Dakota. Can't wait to get started and to get some new music out there. Its been far to long...

Bob The Savage with the Misfits and Juicehead

October 21st, 2011 Cleveland's Peabody's Down Under Tix are $20

You're Welcome

So I figured I am way past due on getting a reverb nation accoutn set up. Trying to catch up and play responsible. Now that I am here I hope to be posting some more new music for everyone to check out. I know it has been a while but i'm not gone just yet. Thanks for stopping by the page, I hope you dig what you hear. Stop back by and once again....You're Welcome!