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Blog for April 10th

All is going great.I have the greatest fans,best engineers and producers,Grammy-winning players on all the records.What's not to like? Just go to my RN store,get a T-shirt and post a pic of you wearing it on my music page.Then send your mailing address in a private note,and I will send you a signed poster.How easy is that? Let's go.More plays,more fans,more "likes",and more download and merchandise sales.We're gonna get there.I promise!Thanks and peace and love!

More fans,more "likes"more plays!!

Up up and away! What's not to like?Thanks to new fans all over Africa and especially Guatemala.Voy a poner un cancion nuevo en Espanol de pronto.Gracias!

New record in listens

Yesterday was my best day ever on RN.33 listens and a ton of visits.To my friends around the world,I can only say Thanks!!

"John Gray Road" and "True Believer" promos

"John Gray Road" and "True Believer' aere the promo songs ending March and entering April..Stay tuned friends and fans!!

New posting to thank fans/uploaded"If Ever"from "Timeless"

Just posted "If Ever" from the "Timeless"CD this morning.More fans than ever and climbing the charts on RN fast and furiously.Thank you planet earth! Peace!

More pics,more music and more fans!!

Posted more music,more pics and still much more to come.Stay tuned folks.We're just getting started!!


Added several more pics today.Many more to come w/major celebs and fans.Stay tuned!

The power of the internet.

It's incredible.More and more fans every day.Already,there are 3 shirts sold.Another 27 to go-each will get a free poster featuring the album in the shirt pic.Remember,you must have a pic IN the shirt you bought to get the free poster with a dedication.This all ends on June 1st,so get a move on!

Back in 1976

In 1976,I owned a studio in Indiana which by 1979 had become Intermedia Broadcast and Filmsound,with partners Don Morrell and Mark McClain.In 76 I also started to travel in Latin America.In 1978 I went to Mexico City to visit my brother Pete(who was an exchange student at La Universidad IberoAmericana),but also to visit El Centro de Crabacion,a new complex of three round recording studios in Mexico City that I had read about inREcording Engineer/Producer Magazine.The director was Jose Antonio Zavala(of The Hermanos Zavala-who were for decades The national Ambassadors of Mexican music to the world-traveling to China and all points on the globe from the 1950s forward).Jose Antonio recieved me warmly that summer day,and gave me a private tour of the complex.Then,he turned me over to Mexico's all-time most famous recording engineer, Antonio"Tony"Carbajal.Tony had recorded virtually everyone who was anyone in Mexico over a span of about 50 years when he died in the 90s.At any rate,Tony and me spent literally that whole afternoon together.He told me how he had recorded Rod Stewart there just a few weeks before,and Jose Feliciano just days prior.He hauled out a stack of 2" tapes and played his ongoing productions-one after another-on the big 3M 24 track with the huge tape looping across the weird "front-mounted"heads.It was an incredible day I will never forget.Tony was also an actor(ie the TeleNovela"Vanessa" with actress Lucia Mendez,who I later worked with live in concert),and worked in a slew of TeleNovelas and movies and TV soundtracks..Lucia Mendez' tour promoter at that time was Mario Villacorta,a friend from El Salvador.RIP the legendary Tony Carbajal.Sound engineer for the ages!

Friends on my masteringroom page MySpace

I have a MySpace Page (Email is:"masteringroom@MySpace.com" that is about 10 years old.In that time,I have made online friends with a great bunch of people who are not currently friends on Reverbnation or Facebook.The following is a partial list of my friends from my masteringroom page: Sasha Eleyce,The Band Perry,Lady Antebellum,Papa Roach,Carrie Underwood, Daughtry,Guns N Roses,Pink. Coldplay, Shakira,Boys Like Girls,Faith Hill,Neil Young, Miranda Lambert,Celine Dion,and Linda Ronstadt. This is a partial list,and keeps on growing as time goes on.Onward!!